How we developed a new feature for a Client in just two weeks!

The Client needed a platform feature that we didn’t have! They wanted to introduce their OWN talent onto the Nomad Now platform for current and future hiring requirements. When approached by talent they didn’t immediately need, the Client wanted to ‘park’ those applicants on Nomad Now until needed. Then, when timing suits, the Client would engage directly with those freelancers or candidates and hire them.

Created by: Ross Paton 9 December 2019

Coming to market with a product that causes discomfort!

Coming to market with a new and untested (in SA) is hugely exciting but involves much customer education and hand-holding at first but progress is there for all to see and we continue to add ‘big name’ SA corporates as well as those quick-to-adapt smaller tech literate clients we appreciate so much.

Created by: Ross Paton 12 December 2019

Overcoming the 30 day payment struggle for big Clients

Many of our larger Clients struggle with always meeting 30 payment periods. Read more to learn how we overcame the issue of long payment periods through our Client issuing us with a "Bulk Purchase Order"

Created by: Ross Paton 9 December 2019

Do C-Suite practice what they preach in being ready for ‘tech’? The Nomad Now case study!

‘The concept is obvious. We order accommodation through Airbnb, transport and food through Uber and even clothes online. Let’s put recruitment processes and recruitment costs into the mix and see how South African employers jump to attention!’ says Ross Paton on the drivers for the conceptualisation and launch of the tech recruitment platform in April 2018.

Created by: Ross Paton 20 September 2019

What does the future of work demand from new hires?

In a world where four day work weeks are becoming more prominent, where the 4th Industrial Revolution is imminent and where over half the US workforce will be Freelancing by 2020, it is important to know what the uncertain future of work will demand from new hires.

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

Thinking about the future of skills

Skills that are being emphasized as being necessary as the workplace adapts and changes include fluency of ideas, deductive reasoning, originality and management of personnel resources.

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

Remote work: a rising trend

By 2020, about half of the work force will be working remotely, so it is important to stay up to date and to potentially consider whether you want to be a part of this movement.

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

The four day work week

The 4-day work week is not necessarily a bad idea, in fact it has proven to work in several environments, but it is unlikely that it is something that should be implemented on a blanket basis, across industry and in every economic context.

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

Finding your feet in the fourth industrial revolution

The digital transformation that we have seen in the last few years has changed the landscape of the workplace dramatically. With the digital age, so-called “old-school” methods of working, recruiting and even learning have all been disrupted. In this period of flux, and the harkening of the fourth industrial revolution, businesses have the opportunity to embrace this fully but what does the future of work actually look like for businesses, recruiters and employees?

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

Escape the morning commute and consider freelancing

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an estimated 50% of the US workforce being freelancers by 2020, and this trend of increasing numbers of freelance, or gig, workers is global. Freelancing, though not without challenges, allows workers many benefits, which means that it is becoming a more and more attractive option for people entering the workforce, and even for those who have established careers.

Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe 30 July 2019

What tools can you use to enhance your offering as a freelancer?

‘’There is no real support system in place for Freelancers…’’ SAFREA’s Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report The majority of Freelancers surveyed in SAFREA’s Industry and Rates report indicated that the issue of rates is their highest concern.

Created by: Claire Millward 30 July 2019

Skills references

We created a hard-hitting “Skills Reference” feature on your Profile. You simply enter the email address of Referees who can attest to your PARTICULAR SKILL(S). Referees just tick you level of proficiency per skill. It requires 1 minute of their time!

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Your data on Nomad Now

Nomad Now security is tight. We are very aware of ongoing data breaches in social media networks that may cause users to be wary of giving out information on a new platform.

Created by: Claire Millward 30 July 2019

Population groups in employment

SA Clients are required by law (Employment Equity Act / Industry EE Codes) to report on the breakdown of their staff numbers by population group.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Australian model for casual labourers

Our CEO, Ross Paton, is a strong believer in ‘casual labour’ to give Employers (especially SA’s large number of SMME’s) the courage and confidence to expand their businesses and take-on new staff.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Who should sign up on Nomad Now?

Examples of Professionals that the Platform provides a marketplace for include Software Developers / Legal Advisors / Advertising or Media Creatives / Quants / Non-exec Directors / IT Architects / Risk Consultants / Engineers / Architects / Photographers / Accountants / Management Consultants / Economic Analysts / Coaches & Trainers / Compliance Professionals / Specialized Lending Consultant / Auditors & Accountants / PR & Communication Advisers / Lab Analysts / Medical Practitioners including Locums / Labour Advisors / Tax Advisers / Wealth Consultants / Geologists / Pharmacists / Corporate and Clinical Psychologists / Architects and Architectural Designers and many more!

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

How to set the prices for your services

See suggestions below, which will guide you in determining the Price of your potential Orders. Mispricing (e.g.: over-pricing) your Services can reduce your chances of Orders, earning Revenues and growing your Freelancer reputation and 'reach'.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Why Nomad Now is Client driven

We are a digital recruitment platform aiming to remove the middleman in the recruitment process. Our model is similar to an Airbnb or Uber type model where buyers approach sellers.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Welcome to Nomad Now

Nomad Now is a digital recruitment platform for the buying and selling of Professional Freelancer, Independent Contractor and Consulting Services and also for Permanent recruitment. We have set our aim at being the 'Airbnb' of Recruitment in SA.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Can I sell my Services on Nomad Now as a business?

Clients must feel that they are not be contracting with 'just a supplier' but with YOU and your reputation as an individual. This applies even if you are Team Leader of a Team of Freelancers, Contractors or Consultants. Its personal! Your rating is yours and reflects on your abilities and service, so protect and preserve it.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Limited Hits on Nomad Now

The short answer to your observation regarding ‘limited hits’ is due to our ‘youth’. Nomad Now is just over 14 months old. Our product has been very well received and Client numbers have risen rapidly. Our Clients extend across many industries and although they reflect a very broad range of roles, these are often deep and narrow specialty areas which may be outside of your special fields.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

How is Nomad Now different to a Professional Social Network?

Websites where Candidates can upload their CVs and list their Work Experience have been around for a while now… So how is Nomad differentiated?

Created by: Claire Millward 30 July 2019

Disrupting the Disruptors – Opinion

Uber disrupted the meter taxi industry. Airbnb flipped the hotel sector on its head. Locally the likes of Bank Zero and Discovery Bank are using digital to take on established financial sector players. Next in line is the age-old and contentious practice of labour broking. In a globally connected digital world there is no need for middle men.

Created by: Ross Paton 30 July 2019

Oxford Internet Institute - FairWork Foundation

Nomad Now is proud to have received a TOP rating by the FairWork Foundation for Fairness based on Certification, Ethical Choices and Working Conditions.

Created by: Claire Millward 5 August 2019

In the news: Radio Interview with Mix FM

Thanks to Al from Mix FM for having us on your show. Listen now and SHARE!

Created by: Claire Millward 20 September 2019