30 July 2019

How is Nomad Now different to a Professional Social Network?

Firstly: Nomad Now is more comprehensive. The entire process of sourcing, securing, paying and rating a Freelancer / Consultant takes place ON the Nomad platform. Clients sign up and create profiles, search and engage with Freelancers, pay and finally rate Freelancers ALL on Nomad Now. We are a beginning-to-end marketplace for professional services. There are no invoicing and payment mechanisms on Social Networks.


Secondly: Nomad Now has a database of Professionals ACTIVELY looking to offer their Freelancing/ Consulting temporary or permanent professional services. Professional Social Networks comprise those looking for jobs AS WELL AS those just wanting to just show and grow their professional network. Professional Social Networks are designed to connect people superficially – recruiting through these platforms is, in our opinion, only an incidental bi-product of these networks. This is why ‘recruiting’ tools are an added, paid for as extra’s on these platforms and lack many recruitment features such as invoicing, payment and ratings. These are tools added in by the middleman (agencies) to facilitate a recruiting process and it must be said, at great cost to Clients. Nomad Now eliminates the middleman completely.


Thirdly: Nomad Now has exceptionally powerful search mechanisms. Unlike large Professional Social Networks, the Nomad Search functionality scans through ALL information entered in by Freelancers/ Consultants. The ‘traditional’ Professional Networks often only search through fields with pre existing drop down lists as opposed to unique entries entered in by Candidates. This means that often a large part of a Candidate’s profile is not picked up by search algorithms.  Professional Networks’ Search functionality is not as advanced.


Lastly: Nomad Now allows Freelancers/ Consultants to provide an in-depth exhibition of their Skills and Services. We allow Freelancers/ Consultants to upload documents, videos and pictures – as well as links to other sites. Moreover, we have a ‘Skills Reference’ function where Consultants can get objective references for SPECIFIC technical skills from previous managers or Clients. This is different to References on Professional Social Networks as a Nomad reference is rating out of 5 PER SPECIFIC technical Skill. Other ratings point to the ‘softer’ elements where an ex colleague or manager gives a subjective reflection on what it was like to work with the Candidate at a previous job/ on a previous project. 

Created by: Claire Millward