30 July 2019

Why Nomad Now is Hirer / Employer driven

Nomad was created on the premise that it is a “Client-driven” platform. We are a digital recruitment platform aiming to remove the middle-man in the recruitment process. Our model is similar to that of an Airbnb or Uber, where buyers approach sellers.


Nomad Now was founded by Ross Paton (founder of Paton Personnel). Paton Personnel is a 20 + year-old recruitment firm placing top tier professional talent in the financial services sector and broader into 'industry'.


We canvassed Hirers & Employers across-industry and their top pain-points in recruitment included unwanted approaches from talent i.e. being flooded with job applications from candidates or flexi workers who did not match their requirements.


We believe in efficiencies – in accuracy of interactions. You may have experienced the countless LinkedIn users who ‘throw’ their CV’s at Jobs on the platform, only to receive no feedback. Sure, it can make the applicant feel that he/she ‘has a chance’ but the numbers of applicants counter this probability. Nomad Now accurately matches Flexi and Perm profiles to Hirers' expressed needs EITHER through Job Ads placed on the Platform OR through Client Searches – a perfect match!


We hope that this info helps you understand more about our model. We are not necessarily a marketplace for jobs - but rather a tech solution to recruitment, which saves Hirers money and time. The request from Hirers & Employers was that they wanted to accurately, efficiently and effectively select and engage with talent. 


Our newly released Job Ads feature has made a huge positive impact on number of Hirer interactions with Flexi and Perm workers, so make sure that your Profile is optimised.

Created by: Ross Paton