30 July 2019

Your data on Nomad Now

Nomad Now security is tight. We are very aware of ongoing data breaches in social media networks that may cause users to be wary of giving out information on a new platform.


Our SSL security certificate is the “green” Comodo Extended Validation Certificate - the one that gives you the green address bar like the SA banks. It is easily recognizable and indicates that our site is very secure.


Further, most data breaches have occurred not DUE to social media platforms (of which we are not one, by the way) but because of ADD-ons / plug-ins. An example of this would be GAMES that you play using your Facebook account or any third party SITE that you log into using your social media log in details - e.g. if you access a ticketing site using your Facebook log-in details. This is where most data breaches have occurred - through third party apps/sites connected to social media.


Once registering on Nomad Now, your data will NOT be used in any way in conjunction with Paton Personnel. Paton uses its OWN high quality database which has been built up since 1997. Even then, Paton NEVER sends out CVs or Candidate details to Clients without prior Candidate permission.


Note that NOMAD Clients are not given the following info: contact details (email address, phone number) or banking details.

Created by: Claire Millward