11 July 2019

Can you sign up to Nomad Now if you are not from SA?

Being based outside of South Africa (ie: you are a non-SA taxpayer) does not prevent you from providing Freelancer Services to Clients in South Africa.


Our standard Order and Payment systems apply and if you have a SA bank account, the process is simple. As an experiment, we have partnered with PayPal to accommodate payment to international Freelancers. In future, we will partner with an international payments group that facilitates cross-border payments at reasonable rates. Note that Nomad Now may not pay your Revenues to another party.


We have launched initially to the South African market and are hoping to expand into Africa and internationally. Australia look good due to their promotion of casual labour through legislation. We are very excited about Freelancers from around the world signing up, but we prefer to optimize international payment systems first. 😃

Created by: Ross Paton