30 July 2019

Can I sell my Services on Nomad Now as a business?

We are not a "directory of services" or 'Index of Businesses" but we do enable professionals to offer their services via a company, other legal entity or as a sole proprietor.


Clients must feel that they are not be contracting with 'just a supplier' but with YOU and your reputation as an individual. This applies even if you are Team Leader of a Team of Freelancers, Contractors or Consultants. Its personal! Your rating is yours and reflects on your abilities and service, so protect and preserve it.


Select a suitable trading name but the Freelancer is yourself and it's YOU that will be rated by the Clients based on the quality of your delivery on an Order.


Have a look at our great new feature: Freelancer Teams. Put a team together and offer a combined service to Clients. As Team Leader you may even mark-up your team member prices and run the team like a business.

Created by: Ross Paton