30 July 2019

What tools can you use to enhance your offering as a freelancer?

‘’There is no real support system in place for Freelancers…’’  SAFREA’s Freelance Media Industry and Rates Report


The majority of Freelancers surveyed in SAFREA’s Industry and Rates report indicated that the issue of rates is their highest concern.


The survey showed that freelancers are ‘’forced’’ to accept low rates because clients undercut and bargain hard; and that sometimes freelancers tend to undercut each other with low rates in a bid to try and make a living. (Aside: this is a reason why we do not favour the Jobs / Project 'tender' system for Freelancers, as it can operate very harshly against Freelancers).


It was also shown that there seems to be a general lack of understanding about freelancing as a business.


Moreover, it was indicated that the following factors have contributed to low rates:


- Print publications downsizing or closing down.

- Fees remaining the same over the last few years.

- Administrative issues ranging from contracting to taxation and lack of benefits.

- Payment including non-payment and late/timeous payment.

- Exploitation of Freelancers by clients with a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude.


One respondent said that ‘’there is no real support system in place for freelancers (apart from SAFREA) and you’re pretty much out there on our own.’’


Nomad Now hopes to respond to some of concerns that SAFREA highlights by providing  useful information on the tools and features on our platform that will offer some additional system support for freelancers… With this being said, we want to acknowledge that we are merely a platform facilitating the buying and selling of Freelancer services. Our goal is to put Clients and Freelancers in touch.  Whilst we can offer advice and spark discussion on our Community Group – we cannot be a formal system of support for our Freelancers. 


Where the SAFREA report has indicated administration to be an issue for freelancers; Nomad Now invoices Clients and assists Freelancers with revenue collection and will soon produce detailed reports for Freelancers on the average prices charged for Freelancer Services per industry. 


Where the SAFREA report has indicated that freelancers feel exploited by clients who have a ‘’take it or leave it’’ attitude, Nomad Now gives Freelancers the opportunity to engage with Clients through negotiating the terms of their Orders. This approach is less one sided than the traditional ‘’take it or leave it’’ attitude!


How do we do this? By cutting out the labour broker middleman, Freelancers should be able to achieve a higher rate by transacting directly with Clients. Furthermore, Freelancers should, in the medium term, be able to provide their services to a broader array of Clients and more than currently, they can choose which Clients they would like to provide their Services to, and on which terms!


Discussion: We want this Nomad Now Community to assist SAFREA and our Nomad Now users. In our case, it’s our features and tools that we will hone or even develop from scratch to assist Freelancers.


So, tell us, how we, as Nomad Now, can assist? Are their functions or features that you would like the Nomad Now platform to include? What are these and why these? Please raise ideas and let’s provoke some thoughts amongst ourselves!


Think specifically about the pain points e.g.: low price offerings by Clients or Client correspondence that suddenly ‘dries up’ or Orders for your Services that are beneath your skill level or pay grade! Help us help the other agents of change in the Freelance industry to tackle or improve the real issues that affect your industry.  

Created by: Claire Millward