30 July 2019

Limited Hits on Nomad Now

The short answer to your observation regarding ‘limited hits’ is due to our ‘youth’. Nomad Now is just over 14 months old. Our product has been very well received and Client numbers have risen rapidly. Our Clients extend across many industries and although they reflect a very broad range of roles, these are often deep and narrow specialty areas which may be outside of your special fields.


Clients have responded well to our large recruitment cost-savings (who can resist our 60-70% savings?) as well as time-savings We are now driving large scale Client usage of Nomad Now both across industry and within Clients.


We have ramped up contact with Client business heads and with C-level. An issue that many Clients present is that Procurement divisions, at times, don't have appropriate SLA's for digital platforms (hard to believe) but we are able to assist them in this regard too.


We are also spending MUCH more time at Clients entrenching usage and deeper adoption of the platform. A quick demo is well received but not enough to entrench broad adoption in-house.


If you have any suggestions or contacts you think would be interested in Nomad Now, please let us know and we will use best efforts to bring them on-board as a Client. Rest assured that at the savings we bring to the Recruitment industry, we will prevail!

Created by: Ross Paton