30 July 2019

Escape the morning commute and consider freelancing

The world of work is rapidly shifting and it’s easy to see skills and jobs that have simply become redundant. There is a new emphasis on consistent learning, as even existing jobs adapt and shift to emerging trends. Likewise, the trends of employment, and even what employers and employees are valuing, are quickly changing. With this, the traditional workplace is being redefined, with many people opting to freelance instead of, or even in addition to, working in a traditional corporate business.   

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an estimated 50% of the US workforce being freelancers by 2020, and this trend of increasing numbers of freelance, or gig, workers is global. Freelancing, though not without challenges, allows workers many benefits, which means that it is becoming a more and more attractive option for people entering the workforce, and even for those who have established careers.

The first reason for this is the freedom freelancing gives. Whether it be the freedom to choose your own projects (which enables people to do work that they are passionate about and can do well) or it be the freedom to choose clients - freelancing is a lot less boxed than traditional corporate structures. While this choice does result in work that is not always steady or reliable, and a lot of legwork in establishing yourself as a brand, there is an undeniable benefit to be your own boss and call the shots.

Similarly, freelancing gives you flexibility, both in hours and location. You are responsible for controlling your workload, taking on as many projects as you want or need. You can work anytime, anywhere. The work is far more target controlled, so provided you are meeting deadlines and providing quality work, you can work whenever, however.

In a world of work where job security is pretty much non-existent, freelancing can add some. You are self-employed, and while you would be subject to client availability, there is an added security in knowing that you will not be laid off and you have significant income control. As a freelancer, you have greater exposure to the global workforce, broadening your opportunities.

There are great opportunities ready for the taking in freelancing. The growing trends of freelancing in the workplace are exciting and shake up the established corporate structures we are so used to seeing, in the best possible ways. There are risks involved but the pay-off is worth it.






Created by: Brittany Vinnicombe