20 September 2019

Do C-Suite practice what they preach in being ready for ‘tech’? The Nomad Now case study!

Ross Paton and Claire Millward from the market-changing recruitment platform, Nomad Now, share with us their experience and challenges in rolling out a tech platform that could revolutionise the Recruitment industry in SA.


‘The concept is obvious. We order accommodation through Airbnb, transport and food through Uber and even clothes online. Let’s put recruitment processes and recruitment costs into the mix and see how South African employers jump to attention!’ says Ross Paton on the drivers for the conceptualisation and launch of the tech recruitment platform in April 2018.


The reception was overwhelmingly positive from (now) over 48 000 registered Flexi and Perm professionals. However on the employer side, their good intentions are often met with hurdles in the form of cumbersome Procurement precedent (‘How do we sign up with a ‘platform’’?) or HR practitioners that are non-tech literate (it took them years to get comfortable with LinkedIn and now they are expected to use another platform!?). A further limiting factor is the notoriously slow payments processes in large corporates – paying their flexi-working professionals on time can be a challenge.


So why should Employers / Hirers even bother with the new way of transacting with talent that Nomad Now enables? Simply put, huge cost and time savings. These are 2 of the biggest pain points in talent resourcing, solved. By going online, engaging with and transacting (i.e.: Ordering) both Flexi and Permanent talent, Employers finally have full control and transparency over the hiring process. They no longer need to suffer the recruitment agency fees (think 12% - 30%!) or pay the Labour Broker mark-ups. Employers can now engage directly with talent at ‘cost’. No more middleman. Further, we are equally focused on Flexi as well as Perm talent – one-stop shop. If you Order a flexi-worker and like his/her work – place them permanently with the click of a button.


Let’s be clear on the savings possible. Up to 70%! ‘This sounds wonderful but what we need is for C-Suite level managers to instruct HR and Procurement to ‘make it happen’ despite old practices. ‘Try to get your head around sourcing and transacting with talent online!’


You don’t send your standard terms and conditions to Uber or Airbnb? Our terms are drafted according to latest international platform precedent. If there is a serious omission? We will improve them.


According to Claire (our marketing manager), the most breath-taking response was from a big 4 bank HR business partner: “This platform is definitely the thing of the future in recruitment.” The future? Upwork (the biggest globally) has been around for years and so too have many other such international platforms. We are much cheaper and we are South African therefore the talent on the platform is ‘known.’


How does Nomad Now work?

- Register (it’s free and there are no monthly fees).

- Appoint a Team Leader and team members. Allocate ‘budget’ to them to hire. Receive reports on activities, progress.

Use our “smart matching” and Search our 48 000 Freelancers and Candidates.

- Alternatively place free Job Ads. Cleverly, we enable Employers to set the ‘percentage match’ between their Job Spec and the Skills of the potential applicant. Avoid thousands of unsuitable applications! An ex-colleague recently resigned from a large bank due to the burden of ‘regretting’ 100 unsuitable applicants per day. What a bureaucratic nightmare.

Assess the detailed Profiles of our Professional Talent including Service Offered, Prices, CV’s, samples of work, online Skills References, Business Skill ratings as well as overall Ratings

Test the waters with the talent that you like. How? Place an Order Inquiry (non-binding). Correspond, interview, test etc

- Place your Order and set your Order Commencement Date. Correspond throughout.

On completion of Order (if flexi-worker such as Contractor, Consultant or Freelancer), rate your Freelancer as you would after renting accommodation on Airbnb


Yes, Nomad Now is a disruption. It’s a bit unsettling. But we enable massive time and cost savings and will become second nature to your Recruitment teams.


Flexi placements 4%. Permanent placements 5%. It’s a no-brainer!


However, it needs the Exec to ‘push down’ the instruction to trigger adoption of ‘tech’. It’s often a decision bigger than HR and they need your endorsement to experiment with new tech.


Feel free to call us for a demo.



Ross Paton

Claire Millward

Created by: Ross Paton