9 December 2019

How we developed a new feature for a Hirer / Employer in just two weeks!

A large global FMCG Client of ours gave us a nice boost recently!


I flew to meet their forward-thinking HR Director who has really embraced us as we complement their group-wide decision to emphasise flexi staff hires in SA and reduce reliance on perm hires. Our ability to provide both flexi and perm talent when required also appealed to them given the current volatile hiring environment.


The Client needed a platform feature that we didn’t have! They wanted to introduce their OWN talent onto the Nomad Now platform for current and future hiring requirements.


When approached by talent they didn’t immediately need, the Client wanted to ‘park’ those applicants on Nomad Now until needed. Then, when timing suits, the Client would engage directly with those freelancers or candidates and hire them.


So, we were under pressure. Having spent enormous amounts on ‘dev’ already over the last 2 years, we think carefully when Hirers request customisation but in this instance the decision was easy.


We rushed back to JHB and scoped the feature to our development team and launched the feature within 2 weeks!


So, what does the feature do?


Hirers and Employers using Nomad Now qualify for a reduced fee for a period when they ‘push’ talent that they are unable or not ready to assist onto Nomad Now.


The feature enables Hirers to link talent that they sourced (e.g.: through ads or direct applications) to the platform and automatically records their rights to the lower fee. Solved!


Did you know the general rule is that Talent that you receive, is ‘valuable’ as a potential hire for 6-9 months. Thereafter such talent is usually forgotten or overlooked.


So, take advantage of this Nomad Now feature and ‘park’ your talent on Nomad Now and get the added benefit of our A-Z online hiring processes.


Out with the old (recruitment methods) and in with the New!

Created by: Ross Paton