3 April 2020

Remote Work Reflections: working remotely after starting a new job!

I recently graduated from Wits and headed over to a world with no more familiarity, comfort and far removed from the life of a student. I was petrified but I was thrilled to start a journey of moving from being classified as a student (what good are they?) towards being an independent young lady that could gain and maintain a position in the biosphere of work in this topsy-turvy time.  However, there was a catch - I quickly learned that I knew absolutely nothing about anything!

I started my career at Nomad Now, which raised my excitement through the roof. My first two weeks made me feel like a tiny fish in a huge ocean.

Just as I got to a point where I started adding some value and feeling comfortable (they throw you in the deep end), the Coronavirus pandemic hit South Africa! My balance was lost. 

The biggest loss to me (people’s person) has been losing the excitement of physically doing business development - meeting clients face to face. I love that interaction.

Another pressing challenge of working remotely in a brand-new job is the disappearance of the ‘hand holding’ from my colleagues that provided me comfort when it came to learning and performing in the workplace.

The challenges that I currently feel are the fear of not being able to grow in my position (at home), the lack of comfort due to not being guided by senior, experienced staff and the potential of my inputs and efforts getting ‘lost in translation’, overlooked and being seen as a weak performer.  

I work for a dynamic company. I am on a team with two account managers who have taught me so much and I have a lot of room to grow with practice. They have been great mentors but exposed me as the staff member that was ‘last in’ and least experienced. I need to pull off a ‘coup’ in the New Bus Dev side – watch me!

I have quickly learned how important it is to be aware of what we can and cannot control. We don’t have power over the outcomes of Covid-19. We do have power over how we choose to approach our jobs and choose to serve society as a whole.

We as a South Africans, share the same struggle of taking on this challenging time and navigating unchartered waters. Let’s learn as we go and grow from the challenges. It’s up to us to remember the power we have and the potential we have to make this time #bettertogether as we try to manage #togetherapart!

Created by: Gabriella Guerra