8 April 2020

Why Now is a Strategic Time for Job Seekers

Yes, it is true – the Coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to retrench workers and a recession is predicted. Does this mean employers are not hiring for the foreseeable future? Should you stop online networking or applying for jobs during these tricky times?


Absolutely not! Now is actually a good time to get your name out there but your approach to doing so will need to change.


Working from home not only means that you have some extra time on your hands – that you previously might have spent commuting, taking coffee breaks, or catching up with colleagues – so do hiring managers and other important decision makers in a company. Nobody is travelling to meetings out of the city, nobody is on leave, and there are no workshops taking place to distract C-suite staff members. This means that there are higher chances that your job application or resume will be read.


Use this time to update your resume – decide on your professional specialty (clarify the "service" you provide as an employee) and sign up for online recruiting platforms, like Nomad Now. Your chances of being considered for a new role are not as low as you thought, are they?


Now to address the question about whether companies are actually hiring during this time. Although companies have had to lay off members of staff as they switched to remote work settings, this does not mean they are not looking for talent. In fact, our Nomad Now statistics show that the number of job inquiries has more than tripled since January 2020.  


By registering and uploading your latest resume now, you are increasing your chances of being hired. If you do not have a profile, then you simply cannot be considered as a future employee.


Lastly, even though times feel uncertain and wonky, be proactive. Companies might not be hiring right now but that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever hire again! Take this opportunity to establish relationships with key members in the company where you wish to work. Be strategic on LinkedIn – reconnect with existing members in your network, share content that promotes your specialty, and invite people who work at your ideal company. Before asking for a role that your network is not even considering, establish trust with a potential future colleague or employer for when the time comes.


Our hirers are still looking for talent on the Nomad Now platform. Have you registered?

Registering increases your chances of being considered for a position, having your resume carefully considered by important employers (a rare occurrence, let’s be real), and exposed future employers to who you are and what you do! 


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Created by: Julia Paton