21 May 2020

Nomad Now Instant Relevance-Based Job Match Feature: Benefits for Job Seekers

Gone are the days where cover letters and expensively designed resumés are chosen over genuine experience, qualifications, and skills. 


An “instant relevance-match” feature ensures that job seekers with the needed expertise for an available job are immediately suggested to the hirer. This radically reduces the amount of time job seekers have to spend trawling through search engines, job boards and reaching out to hiring managers.


Companies searching for new employees receive hundreds of applications. These are often of poor quality and, occasionally, even completely inappropriate for the available role. Job seekers waste precious job-search time applying for mis-matched roles because of their concern that their resumé will not be considered for a more suited role.


The relevance-match feature on Nomad Now automates the job application process on behalf of the job seeker: whenever a job seeker’s profile matches a job advert on the platform, the job seeker will be notified – allowing them to apply directly to the job that to which they are well-matched. No need for multiple resume versions, desperate cover letters trying to force a match, or applying for a role that is not a skill-nor culture-fit. 


In summary, Nomad Now’s instant relevance-match feature allows for:

-       Less time spent applying for jobs manually online

-       Less time spent writing cover letters and different resumé versions to authenticate a job-fit

-       Fewer half-hearted job applications out of desperation to find something (anything!)

-       Less time searching for jobs online


So, go ahead, log in or create a jobseeker profile on Nomad Now. Complete your profile by listing your most specialised and sought-after experience, skills, and qualifications. And let our technology do the rest!

Created by: Julia Paton