For Orders of flexi-talent (Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers), Nomad Now will automatically add 4% commission (plus VAT) as a payment agent fee, to the total Order amount. Example: If the Order (transaction) value agreed between Hirer and Flexi worker is R100 000-00, the Hirer will be charged R 4 000-00 (plus VAT) as a Nomad Now Hirer payment agent fee.

Nomad Now also facilitates permanent placements and in these instances, charges placement fees to Nomad Now Hirers. Such fees comprise 5% of the Permanent Placement ‘Order’ Value (i.e.: of the Candidate's annual total cost-to-company remuneration), plus VAT. Our fees are success-based ie: no charge for Inquiries.

Nomad Now charges and deducts a 4% (plus VAT) payment agent fee from Order revenues collected from the Hirer on behalf of Flexi workers, before transferring these revenues to such Flexi workers.

Although seldom applicable on a platform for professionals, for the record, Nomad Now does not support contract rates under R20.00 per hour or R3500.00 per month depending on hours worked, as legislated by The National Minimum Wage Act of 2019. Note that rates are agreed directly between Hirers and Flexi workers.