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Nomad Now is a 2-sided, self-sourcing recruitment platform created to enable a faster and much more cost-effective method of hiring both flexi and perm staff

Sellers of Professional Services (Job Seekers including Freelancers, Independent Contractors, Consultants and Permanent workers or Candidates) and Buyers of these Services (Hirers / Employers / Recruitment Agencies) transact directly online on Nomad Now. We will refer to all the above buyers of Job Seeker services as ‘Hirers’ in this document.

In these Terms & Conditions, for convenience, we shall use the term ‘Flexi worker’ to include all forms of flexi work (e.g.: Freelancer, Independent Contractor or Consultant).

Nomad Now fees charged to Hirers are 7% for Permanent or Flexi worker Orders This is ground-breaking in the industry and enables Hirers to achieve over 50% cost savings

On the Nomad Now platform, Hirers search or advertise for Flexi or Permanent Job Seekers (i.e.: Talent), analyze Talent Profiles, make approaches and transact online directly with Talent in order to hire or permanently engage their Services. Hirers use Nomad Now to fulfill their skills requirements for roles, tasks or projects on a flexi or permanent basis. Note: Nomad Now is not a party to such transactions (Orders) between Talent and Hirers except insofar as to protect our rights to our introductions and fees.

Does Nomad Now enable recruitment agencies to make use of the platform?
Yes, we are now trialing an ‘Agency’ product specifically for recruitment agencies which enables agencies to search and advertise for talent on the platform and make use of our advanced search-match features. Agencies do not make use of the platform’s Inquiry and Order processes but rather make use of Nomad Now to identify and approach talent.

Flexi and Permanent Job Seekers on Nomad Now set their own prices for their Professional Services. Hirers search using Nomad Now’s predictive and powerful search and choice of filters or make use of our Job Ads feature which also effectively matches the most relevant Talent to Job Ads.

Flexi and Permanent Job Seekers and Hirers agree online to contractual terms between themselves relating to when, where and how the Flexi or Permanent Job Seeker’s specialist Services will be made available to the Hirer. Our users do so on an arms-length ‘service provider-to-customer’ basis.

Nomad Now platform is designed for Hirers to source Permanent & Flexi workers who are ‘Professionals’ – performing work that requires deep specialist skills and training.

Examples: Software Developers / Legal Advisors / Advertising or Media Creatives / Quants / Non-exec Directors / Risk Consultants / Engineers / Architects / Photographers / Accountants / Management Consultants / Economic Analysts / Coaches & Trainers / Compliance Professionals / Comms Advisers / Lab Analysts / Medical Practitioners / Labour Advisors / Tax Advisers / Wealth, Wellness and many more!

The platform is not designed or intended to suit all work-seekers or hirers


The answer is huge cost and time savings.

Hirers using Nomad Now often have a need for critical on-demand skills that are required at short notice. We enable Hirers to access skills quickly, predictably and very cost effectively. Our fees are disruptively low and enable Hirer savings of over 50%.

Our advanced search algorithms ensure that Hirer search results are highly relevant and effective. Hirers post Job Ads for flexible or permanent staff and select a required ‘percentage match’ with Flexi worker or Permanent worker Profiles (e.g.: 80%-100). This is a huge time-saver as it reduces unwanted applications.

Hirers can also customise profiles of their ideal Job Seekers by changing our applicable search criteria weightings. We apply Hirer weightings to rank their search results.

Hirers value our platform features which are based on deep knowledge of specialist recruitment and our access to Paton Personnel’s extensive networks built over 25 years.

Job seekers benefit from our ability to make them more visible to Hirers and are attracted by Nomad Now’s revenue admin and collection assistance. Flexi workers have traditionally struggled with Hirersthat may pay late or even never, despite repeated requests for payment for their Flexi worker Services. ‘It’s your business!’™

Nomad Now is neither a jobs platform, job aggregator, nor a labour broker. We are a recruitment online marketplace. We do not run a payroll as we do not employ the Job Seekers on Nomad Now. Transactions are concluded directly between Hirer and Job Seeker.

Professional, independent Flexi workers using Nomad Now want the flexibility, freedom and diversity that the defined-period-and-purpose provision of their services provides. Work. Your way ™

Flexi workers appreciate that the Nomad Now platform is an integral tool that can assist their efforts as a sole proprietorship or small business. We create a platform for Hirers to search for and transact for Flexi worker Services, increasing Flexi worker visibility to top companies who require flexible or permanent Professional Services. Importantly, our assistance in revenue collection for Flexi workers can improve Flexi worker’s revenue collection times and reliability of payment.

In addition, we enable Hirers to hire Flexi workers or Permanent workers all on one platform and at groundbreaking low fees of 7%.


  • Enormous cost and time-savings.
  • No registration fees or ongoing monthly fees.
  • Choice of how to engage skills. Hire Flexi worker Services or employ Permanent workers.
  • 7% fees. Over 50% savings.
  • Seamless online enablement of on-demand skills supplied by skilled Professional Flexi workers.
  • Control search ‘matches’.
  • Place Job Ads online and set level of ‘match’ required.
  • Speed-to-transact. Transact online for professional services within a few clicks.
  • Intelligent and adaptive searches - unique for every Hirer.
  • Favourite and categorise Talent for easy retrieval.
  • Share Talent internally or externally.
  • Approach only Talent that you choose to approach. No piles of CV’s to deal with. Avoid unwanted approaches from applicants.
  • Load your own Job Specs. Our algorithms automatically find Job Seekers that match the Job Spec. Choose your own level of match required. Conveniently sort your results by Price, Relevance etc.
  • Set up interviews online and auto-synchronise with your calendar.
  • Use our internal HR tools to share applicant information and progress with colleagues.
  • Set up internal Resourcing Teams with defined budgets and authority to place Orders.
  • Meaningful reports and trends analysis.
  • No back-and-forth or time-wasting through 3rd party agencies.
  • Choose to add Flexi workers onto Nomad Now to ease administration burdens and pay an even lower fee.
  • Nomad Now is useful as an admin vehicle for Interns and Grads applying to Hirers, Hirers often ‘push’ all Grad and Intern applicants to our platform.


  • No registration fees or ongoing monthly fees.
  • ‘Visibility’! Nomad Now enables Hirers to ‘see’ Flexi workers and Permanent workers and their skills. We bring Hirers to you! At our low fee levels, you are assured that Hirers prefer the Nomad Now platform.
  • Flexi workers are approached online by Hirers with short-to-medium term Orders for their Professional Services. Talent that is open to permanent work is approached for permanent positions (at no platform cost to the permanent worker).
  • Flexi workers have the freedom to accept, reject or negotiate Orders for their Services.
  • Flexi workers choose which Hirers and on what terms they would like to provide their Services.
  • We have eliminated the middleman. Flexi workers and Permanent workers decide on the Price for their Services to be paid by Hirers. Nomad Now does not mark-up your Prices. You transact directly with Hirers online.
  • ‘It’s your business!’™. Flexi workers can be self-employed and work for a variety of Hirers or, if they prefer, they can commit their time to one Hirer.
  • Flexi workers can supply their Services on termsthat are flexible (working regime, hours, office location, time off). A better way of life!
  • Flexi workers can create professional Teams and offer team skills to Hirers.
  • Simplicity of online transacting and record-keeping of progress.
  • Outsourced administration – Nomad Now invoices Hirers and assists Flexi workers with revenue collections.
  • Reduced stress of non-payment or late payment by Hirers.
  • Nomad Now also enables online temp-to-permanent placement of Flexi workers.


Note that throughout our platform we use the terms ‘Flexi worker’, ‘Consultant’, ‘Freelancer’ and ‘Independent Contractor’ interchangeably. As a user, please be aware that the words are at times used by Hirers ‘loosely’ but in some instances legal regulations applicable to each are very specific and the onus is on users of the Platform to research and abide by applicable regulations. See a widely used definition below.


A Freelancer is an Independent Contractor. A Freelancer is usually a professional who is self-employed and who renders his services to a Hirer or various Hirers for an assignment or project.

The Flexi worker enters into a contract directly with the Hirer in an ‘Order‘ for Flexi worker Services and the contractual relationship is governed by the terms of that contract (Order) but may also be subject to prevailing, applicable Independent Contractor and Labour Laws if such arrangement falls within the scope of an employer / employee relationship and about which Nomad Now makes no representations and gives no guidance. The nature of the working relationship between Flexi worker and Hirer is determined by the actual circumstances that exist between them and applicable laws.

We note that in South Africa many Employers ‘disguise’ the real nature of actual employment relationships behind Labour Brokers and we strongly encourage Hirers to break this mould and to deploy talent in a transparent manner.

Flexi workers may work with multiple Hirers on a per-project basis, but more generally they work with one company at a time (exclusively) for a longer and specified period (the ‘contract’) and are paid by the hour or month. They may be contracting themselves out, and thus reporting their own taxes or they may be on the Hirer’s payroll, with the Hirer deducting pay-as-you-go taxes where required.

Nomad Now is suitable for both Flexi workers who trade in their own name as a sole proprietorship and those who trade as a small business as a partnership or corporate entity. The platform caters for Flexi workers who have a small business with several employees, whether trading as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporate entity. This is achieved through our ‘Flexi worker Teams’ functionality. Note that it is critical that Flexi worker teams are seen by Hirers as having 1 individual with clear responsibility for the Team (i.e.: the Team Leader) and not as companies whose employees may come and go. A Flexi worker’s success is largely driven by his/her reputation and the Platform ensures that the Flexi worker Team Service provided is inextricably linked to the Flexi worker team leader him/herself.


The following should not be regarded in any way as legal or other advice. Users of Nomad Now must conduct own research and consult own advisers on all aspects of issues related to employer / employee relationships and related legal requirements. Nomad Now does not make any representations in this regard and takes no responsibility for any reliance on any information provided in relation to employment and employment law.

Applicable local law (case law and legislation) will determine whether Flexi workers are deemed to be employees of the Hirer or not, with the associated rights and obligations of employer and employee. Further, such relationships will determine whether the Hirer is obligated to deduct pay-as-you-earn taxes and other applicable levies from Flexi worker revenues.

Where Flexi workers earn more than the statutory benchmark minimum earnings (currently R 204 000 per annum in South Africa) the applicable law is more lenientin terms of not deeming Flexi workersto be employees, but Flexi workers can still be deemed employees if certain criteria are met.

By using Nomad Now, Flexi workers contract directly with Hirers in respect of their Services. Nomad Now is merely the facilitating platform that enables Hirers to view Flexi worker Profiles, engage with and transact online directly for their Services.


Nomad Now is not a labour broker. We are a web-based platform and mobile app that facilitates direct contact and transactions between Hirers and Job Seekers for the purchase of Job Seeker services. We do not employ Flexi or Perm workers or run a payroll, nor do we create the expectation of employment. We further, do not create any expectations of employment between Hirers and Job Seekers. Our users accept this upfront by using Nomad Now.

Nomad Now does not in any way represent that Flexi workers will be treated as or qualify as employees or will benefit from any employee rights or protections whatsoever now or in the future from flexi work secured from Hirers on or through Nomad Now.

Nomad Now assists Flexi workers with the collection of Flexi worker revenues from Hirers, acting as Payment Agent between Hirer and Flexi worker. We invoice Hirers on behalf of Flexi workers and upon payment from Hirers, pay Order revenues to Flexi workers.

In respect of permanent placements and fixed term ‘on payroll’ contracts only, Nomad Now acts as a recruitment agent, charging Hirers a fee on commencement of employment of permanent Talent and monthly in the instance of ongoing fixed term contracts.


Income tax, VAT and other levies may apply to Flexi workers either as sole proprietors or through their corporate entities through which they contract. Flexi workers may be entitled to apply at their own instance or at the request of or through the Hirer, to the tax authorities for tax directives and supply these to Hirers.

Nomad Now does not express, imply or adopt any opinion on tax-related conditions that may apply to Flexi workers or Hirers or between Flexi workers and Hirers. Both Flexi workers and Hirers should seek their own advice on all tax-related issues and especially on the nature of the relationship between Flexi worker and Hirer that pertains to their specific Flexi worker / Hirer circumstances.


The following terms and conditions govern your access to and use of the Nomad Now platform, including any content, functionality and services offered on or through www.nomadnow.co (the ‘Platform’)

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before you start using the platform.

By using the platform, registering as a user, opening an account or by clicking that you accept or agree to our Terms & Conditions when this option is made available to you online, you fully accept and agree to be bound by and abide by our Terms & Conditions (and all updates from time to time) and our Privacy Policy (found in detailed version in our FAQ document and in redacted version later in this document) or incorporated herein by reference. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the platform. Note that we do not apply new terms and conditions retrospectively.

We may modify the platform Terms & Conditions from time to time without notice to you by posting revised Terms & Conditions on the platform with a new effective date. We include the effective date of our revised Terms & Conditions at the top of the Terms & Conditions. We encourage you to check our platform regularly to appraise yourself with current applicable terms in effect. By visiting the platform following any modifications to the platform Terms & Conditions, you agree to be bound by such changes and updates.

We may also introduce changes to Hirer and Job Seeker fees as required by the development of our business and will give notice to Hirers and Job Seekers. We include the effective date of our adjustment to terms and such modifications shall take effect and be binding on users thirty (30) days after such notification.

This Platform is offered and available to users who are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, you may not use this Platform or the Nomad Now Services. By using this Platform, you represent and warrant that you are of legal age to form a binding contract and meet all the foregoing eligibility requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you must not access or use the Nomad Now platform.

Our Customer Services team is available if you have any questions regarding the platform or Terms and Conditions. Contacting our Customer Services team can be performed by submitting a request here, or making use of our Chat function visible on every page of our website.

Nomad Now may make changes to its Terms & Conditions from time to time and at any time. When these changes are made, Nomad Now will make a new copy of the Terms & Conditions available on our platform landing page. The effective date of adjustment to terms and such modifications shall be immediate and be binding on users on such notification.


Nomad Now undertakes the processing of personal information very seriously and does so in accordance with the South African Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 as amended (“POPI”).

Be sure to read our full Privacy Policy (found in our FAQ) and our User Conduct section herein, before making use of the Platform. Our Privacy Policy governs our treatment of any information submitted by you to Nomad Now, including personally identifiable information.

Note that certain information, statements, data, and content such as photographs, which you may submit to Nomad Now are likely to reveal your gender, ethnic origin, nationality, age, and/or other personal information about you. You acknowledge that your submission of any information, statements, data, and content to us is voluntary on your part and that Nomad Now may process such information, within the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Do not include on the platform any personal information which is not yours, or which you have no lawful right to provide on another entity’s/person’s behalf. Do not include the personal information of a minor in any way. Your failure to adhere to these provisions constitutes your immediate and material breach of these Terms.

Users understand and agree that should they upload their personal information, including CV’s and employment history to the Nomad Now Platform, that information will be visible to Hirers. Note that bank account details will not be visible to other platform users.

Nomad Now is not responsible for posting or placement of user information on the platform. Users have complete control over the continued presence or removal of their data from the Nomad Now platform. Nomad Now will only intervene to remove data where such data is in breach of our Terms & Conditions.

Note: users are able to delete their Nomad Now Profile and Account by simply clicking on the ‘Delete Account’ button found on the Settings page of their Profile.


Within Nomad Now's Platform, you will come across terms which are specific to Nomad Now. See the common terminology used on the Platform and respective definitions. More detailed explanations and usages of our terminology are provided throughout this document.

Acceptance of an Order occurs when a Flexi or Permanent Job Seeker accepts an Order placed by a Hirer.

Ads are Job Ads used by Hirers to attract applicants that meet the Hirer’s required Job Ad or ‘match’ by Flexi worker or Permanent worker Profiles.

An Accepted Order or Offer is the transaction or agreement concluded between a Hirer and Job Seeker either for the provision of Flexi worker Services to the Hirer or for the employment by the Hirer of a Job Seeker as a Permanent employee.

An Amended Order is used when Hirer and Flexi worker wish to alter terms of an Order once an Order has been Accepted.

An Agency is a recruitment Agency (where referred to as a Hirer), signed up as an Agency and subscribing for platform features prescribed for agencies herein.

Cancellation is a request to cancel an Order for Flexi services and can be initiated by either Hirer or Flexi worker. Both Flexi worker and Hirer agree that either party may cancel a FLEXI ORDER (only) for any reason:

  • Within 48 hours of Acceptance of Order in the case of an Order up to 30 days in duration;
  • Within 7 days of Acceptance of Order in the case of Orders over 30 days in duration.

A Hirer is a registered Nomad Now Hirer user who can Order Flexi or Permanent Talent on Nomad Now. Hirers transact directly with Talent on the Nomad Now platform.

Collection Fees, Payment fees or Payment Agent fees are the fees charged by Nomad Now to Hirers and Flexi workers for assistance in Flexi worker revenue payment and collection and related admin services.

Commenced Orders are Orders that have reached their Start Date.

Commissions are recruitment placement fees charged by Nomad Now to Hirers for the permanent placement of Talent from the platform. Recruitment commissions only apply to permanent placements and on-payroll flexi placements. Permanent workers placed in permanent positions and flexi workers placed on-payroll do not pay any platform fees.

Dashboards: the Flexi and Perm worker Dashboard is on the Flexi worker Home page and the Hirer Dashboard is on the Hirer Home Page. Dashboards include pages such as Profile, Search, Inbox, Calendar as well as Orders Completed, Star Rating, Response Time and Total Earnings/ Total Spend.

Feedback refers to Reviews and Ratings of and by Flexi workers and Hirers.

Flexi workers include Independent Contractors, Freelancers or Consultant users, registered on the Nomad Now Platform and who offer Professional Flexi worker Services to Hirers. The terms Freelancer, Independent Contractor and Consultant are used loosely and interchangeably in the Platform to represent Flexi workers. For convenience, we shall use the term Flexi workers in this Platform.

The Profile Page is where the Flexi and Permanent Job Seekers describe their Professional Services, skills and qualifications, prices, working preferences and related requirements and where Hirers may Order their Professional Services

Flexi worker Services are Professional Services offered by Flexi workers on Nomad Now

An Inquiry is an expression of interest expressed by a Hirer in respect of a Flexi or Permanent worker by clicking on the Inquiry button on a Job Seeker’s Profile. It is the 1 st step in the potential hiring process. Such Inquiries are not binding between Hirer and Flexi worker or Permanent worker. Note that Inquiries do create rights for Nomad Now related to protection of introductions of talent to Hirers.

Instant Orders are Orders placed by Hirers where the Job Seeker has enabled the Hirer to place an Order on terms that require no negotiation or correspondence with the Job Seeker. This function allows for very fast and effective placing and accepting of Orders! (Note: this feature is currently ‘on hold’)

Job Ads refer to our powerful and unique method of enabling Hirers to place Job Adverts on Nomad Now that we automatically ‘match’ to appropriate Permanent workers or Flexi workers.

Nomad Now Order Reference Number(NUM) is a unique reference number assigned to each Order and appears in the column next to the status bar.

NomadNow User Protection Policy describes Nomad Now’s efforts to keep user information private and secure.

An Offer refers to an offer of permanent employment of a Job Seeker in the employ of the Hirer

An Open Order is an Order that has been placed by a Hirer and accepted by the Flexi worker.

An Order in Nomad Now terminology means a Transaction related to or for Flexi or Perm worker Services agreed to between Job Seeker and Hirer. It represents an agreement directly between a Hirer and Job Seeker. Terms include:

  • Starting and Ending Date
  • Inclusion (or not) of Weekends and Holidays
  • Description of Services required
  • Payout option (weekly, monthly or per project or task)
  • Rate of pay (per hour)
  • Applicability of overtime
  • Location
  • Any additional Contract related to the Order, that is included (via an upload) by the Hirer.

Order Correspondence enables Hirers and Flexi workers to clarify items and issues related Orders before or during Orders.

Orders are ‘Open’ once an Inquiry is ‘Accepted’ or ‘Concluded’ by Flexi worker and Hirer. Orders ‘Commence’ on the Start Date i.e. when the Flexi worker starts to deliver Services. Orders are ‘Complete’ once signed off as such by the Flexi worker (i.e. they click Request Completion and Verification of Order) and ‘Verified as Completed’ once signed off by the Hirer or automatically signed off by Nomad Now.

Permanent workers are users, registered on the Nomad Now Platform and who offer their Professional Services to Hirers on a permanent (i.e.: employment) basis. Permanent workers may also offer Flexi worker Services on Nomad Now.

Professional Services are Services offered on Nomad Now by Flexi and Permanent workers to Hirers. For example, the offering of legal advisory, accounting, forensic investigating, business analysis or C# software development Services to a Hirer. The list of Services offered by Talent on Nomad Now is very broad, but all Services are specialist and professional services.

Ratings: Flexi workers are awarded ratings (1 – 5 Nomad Now Stars) by Hirers on Completion of their Order, based on inputs by their Hirers. Hirers also earn ratings, based on Flexi worker feedback on Orders. Reviews: Hirers and Flexi workers provide Reviews by commenting on their overall Order experience, on completion.

Response time is the average response time based on the last 30 days of your activity.

Revenues are the monies Flexi workers earn, invoiced to and paid by Hirers, for Completed or ongoing Orders and are paid to Flexi workers via Nomad Now, nett of platform charges for acting as Payment Agent. Permanent workers do not earn Revenues on Nomad Now. On acceptance of an Offer for their Services, they become permanent employees of Hirers.

Nomad Rewards refers to our incentive reward for introducers of Talent to the platform.

Skills References are quick, effective assessments and endorsements of particular technical skills requested by Flexi and Permanent workers from Referees. Such Skills References are done online for convenience and efficiency and take 1-2 minutes.

Teams may refer to Teams of Flexi workers, who jointly offer Services to Hirers under the leadership of a Team Leader.

Teams may also refer to Teams at Hirers. A Hirer Account Manager may appoint and authorise Administrators, Team Leaders and Team Members with varying authority and budget to Transact on the platform.

Transactions: Flexi workers sell their professional Services to Hirers in transactions called Orders. Permanent workers are employed by Hirers in Offers.


  • Only registered users may transact on Nomad Now.
  • Registration is free.
  • Flexi and Perm Job Seeker Services on Nomad Now are offered at any price set by the Flexi or Perm worker.
  • Hirers search for or place Job Ads for and select and engage with their preferred choice of talent byplacing Inquiries.
  • Hirers place Orders for Flexi worker Services, which, when accepted become binding contracts. Hirers also make Offers of Permanent Employment to Job Seekers. Hirers include (attach) any preferred documentation on Orders / Offers.
  • Hirers and providers of Services (Flexi and Perm jobseekers) contract directly between themselves for the provision of Services. All such users act as ‘principal’ in their acceptance or rejection of Inquiries and Orders. Nomad Now does not place Inquiries or Orders on behalf of Hirers and does not accept on behalf of jobseekers.
  • ‘Agency Hirers’ make use of Nomad Now only to search for or place Job Ads for Job Seekers. Agencies do not place Inquiries or Orders for Job Seekers through Nomad Now. Agencies subscribe to Nomad Now for rights to search or advertise for Job Seekers on a pay-per-profile accessed basis.
  • Users are prohibited from by-passing the Nomad Now platform in any attempt to avoid platform charges. Punitive fees automatically apply in such cases.
  • Inquiries are followed by Orders (flexi work) or Offers (perm placements). Inquiries are made by Hirers by clicking on the Inquiry button on the Pricing Page of the Flexi or Perm worker’s Profile.
  • Job seekers Pre-Approve or Reject Inquiries from Hirers.
  • Orders are placed by Hirers in the Hirer’s Inbox. See Order button on the response from the Flexi or Perm worker.
  • Flexi workers must fulfill their obligations as contained in the Order for their Services.
  • Cancelling Orders by Flexi workers will affect their reputation and rating.
  • Flexi workers earn Ratings based on their performance in Orders and consequent reputation. Higher ratings could provide benefits including higher attainable prices for their Services and also repeat business.
  • Users may not offer or accept the services of Talent sourced or engaged with through Nomad Now or make payments to such Talent following such engagement, using any method other than placing an Order or Offer through Nomad Now.
  • Users agree not to by-pass Nomad Now in respect of Talent identified or engaged with on the platform and not to approach or contact (for the defined protection period set out below), directly or indirectly, Nomad Now Talent or Hirers, in a manner which results in a loss of revenue to Nomad Now.
  • Hirers are granted all rights in respect of the delivered Flexi worker Services unless otherwise specified by the Flexi worker on their Flexi worker Profile Page and specifically agreed with the Hirer. Note: some Flexi workers charge additional payments for Commercial Use Licenses.

Once the Order is Accepted, Flexi workers must ‘Commence’ delivery of their Flexi worker Services and fulfil their Order(s) as described in their Order description.

When a Flexi worker completes an Order, they click Request Completion and Verification of Order. The Hirer is notified and has 72 hours to mark the Order as Completed & Verified, failing which the Order will autocomplete. Flexi workers and Hirers have 30 days within which to provide feedback or edit feedback.


    • Nomad Now charges Hirers a payment agent fee (commission) of 7% of the Order value (plus VAT) on Flexi worker Services (i.e.: on an Order).
    • Acting as payment agent for Flexi workers and assisting Flexi workers with collection services, Nomad Now charges Flexi workers fee of 7% (plus VAT) for this service. Nomad Now deducts this fee from Flexi worker revenues collected from Hirers on behalf of Flexi workers, before transferring revenues to Flexi workers. Such fee also covers related services provided by Nomad Now, such as invoicing and Payments.
    • In instances of on-payroll Flexi Orders, Nomad Now charges Hirers a commission of 10% of the monthly Order value (plus VAT).
    • Note in respect of by-passing the platform: in the event that a Hirer pays a Flexi worker for his/her Services, ‘offline’, i.e.: pays the Flexi worker directly or ‘off-Platform’, the above fee(s) payable by the Hirer and Flexi worker to Nomad Now will increase to 12.5%, due and payable on the same terms as applicable to our normal fees.
    • Guarantees:
      Nomad Now does not provide any guarantee in respect of a Flexi worker’s Order with the Hirer and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to person, business or property of the Hirer from whatsoever cause, arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of a Flexi worker introduced by Nomad Now.


    • Fees:
      A placement fee payable by the Hirer to Nomad Now for the introduction to and permanent placement of a Job Seeker at the Hirer shall be earned by Nomad Now upon the commencement of the worker’s permanent employment with the Hirer. The fee shall comprise 7% of the Permanent Placement ‘Order’ Price (i.e.: annual total cost-to-company remuneration), plus VAT.
    • Payment Terms:
      Payment terms applicable to Hirers for such permanent placements are 30 days from date of invoice, being the date of Commencement.
    • Note in respect of on-placements:
      In instances where a Hirer ‘on-places’ a Flexi worker at a 3rd party on a permanent placement basis, such Hirer will be deemed to have employed the Flexi worker permanently and the 7% Permanent Placement fee will be due to Nomad Now by the Hirer on the above 30-day payment terms.
    • Note in respect of by-passing the Platform:
      in the event that a Hirer employs a candidate introduced through the platform but does so ‘off-platform’, i.e.: bypasses the Platform, the above permanent placement fee payable by the Hirer to Nomad Now will increase to 12.5%, due and payable on the same terms as applicable to our normal fees.
    • Guarantees:
      Nomad Now does not provide any guarantee in respect of a permanent placement with the Hirer and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to person, business or property of the Hirer from whatsoever cause, arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of the Talent introduced through Nomad Now.


    • Agencies subscribe for 6 month or 1 year access to Agency features on Nomad Now
    • Subscription prices:
      • Standard: R 5 750 per month (plus VAT);
      • Premium: R 7 500 per month (plus VAT).
    • Premium features (subject to change):
      • Setting up Job Seeker interviews online;
      • Direct access to MIE checks (pay-as-you-go);
      • ‘Invite Talent’ feature;
      • CRM Tools including ‘Talent in Progress’ tracking feature.
    • Payment by Agencies is required ‘on invoice’ and access to the platform is enabled within 3 business days of payment
    • Payment methods:
      • In full (in advance) for the contract period if paying by Electronic Funds Transfer; or
      • Monthly stop order (details are available on invoice); or
      • PayPal.
    • Pricing is subject to change periodically.
    • Nomad Now reserves the right to cancel an Agency subscription and to refund the Agency prorated amounts paid by the Agency to Nomad Now.


    The Hirer and Flexi worker will be liable to Nomad Now for the full fee(s) referred to above if the Flexi worker or Permanent worker is Ordered or employed following or triggered by a Nomad Now platform interaction between the Hirer and the Flexi or Permanent worker, irrespective of when the Flexi worker commences Services or the Permanent worker commences employment with the Hirer, provided that

    such commencement occurs within 9 months of the Job Ad, Search or Inquiry (that yielded such Flexi worker or Permanent worker) whichever is later.

    Note that the test as to whether Nomad Now was the trigger for the Hirer making use of the Flexi worker Services or employment of the Permanent worker is this: if the Hirer was not already in an actual recruitment process (e.g.: an interview) with such Flexi or Permanent Job Seeker then the Hirer and Job Seeker agree that Nomad Now was the effective cause of the Hirer making use of the Flexi worker’s Services or of the employment of the Permanent worker and the Nomad Now fee will be due and payable by the Hirer and Job Seeker where applicable.


    Nomad Now provides a valued service offering by enabling Flexi and Permanent workers to be visible to Hirers and by enabling Hirers to search or advertise for, engage with and transact online for their Services.

    In return, to the extent consistent with SA law, Flexi and Permanent workers shall not engage with or solicit a Nomad Now Hirer or accept a permanent or flexible role as a Permanent or Flexi worker respectively, directly with a Hirer, or a party introduced by such Hirer who was introduced to Flexi workers or Permanent workers by Nomad Now. The reciprocal obligation applies to Hirers. Such Hirers are obligated to pay Nomad Now the recruitment fee or payment agent fee applicable to such permanent or flexi-role introduction, respectively.

    The terms of Orders placed by Hirers must reflect the actual remuneration paid by Hirers to Flexi or Permanent workers. Any manipulation or adjustment of Order values by Hirer and/or Flexi or Permanent worker to reduce Platform fees, is strictly forbidden and implicated users will be removed from the Platform and Nomad Now will pursue its contracted fees from the party(ies) through legal action.

    An introduction of a Permanent or Flexi worker by Nomad Now to a Hirer shall be deemed to have occurred when such Permanent worker or Flexi worker has initiated contact with a Hirer or when a Hirer has initiated contact with such Permanent worker or Flexi worker through the Nomad Now platform, irrespective whether there is a response to the initiated contact and irrespective whether the contact or any response is initiated or conducted through the platform or otherwise.

Once an Order is placed between the Flexi worker and Hirer, the Hirer will immediately be able to view the invoice in the Admin page of its Hirer Profile and will also receive a Flexi worker invoice from Nomad Now on Commencement Date on behalf of the Flexi worker, for the use of the Flexi worker Services. Such invoice will include Nomad Now’s fee (plus VAT) due to Nomad Now by the Hirer and where the Flexi worker is VAT registered, will include a VAT charge on behalf of the Flexi worker.

Payment terms applicable to Hirers are a maximum of 30 days. If, for example, an Order is 2 weeks in duration, the invoice will be due within 30 days from Commencement of Order. In the event of Orders longer than 30 days in duration, ongoing monthly Hirer payments apply, on 30-day terms from date of invoices which will be generated every 30 days from commencement date of Order for the duration of the Order.

On payment to Nomad Now by the Hirer in respect of the Flexi worker Revenues, a separate invoice is automatically generated by Nomad Now and issued to the Flexi worker, for Nomad Now payment agent and related services performed by Nomad Now on behalf of the Flexi worker.

Payment terms applicable to Flexi workers on such invoices are ‘payment on invoice’. Nomad Now automatically and immediately deducts its Payment agent fees (plus VAT) on collection of Flexi worker Revenues from Hirers.

In instances where payment is made to Flexi workers by Hirers offshore (outside of South Africa) there may be additional bank or forex charges incurred by Nomad Now as payment agent acting on behalf of the Flexi worker and we reserve the right to deduct these from the net amount payable to the Flexi worker.

Flexi workers and Permanent workers may not use the Nomad Now Inbox / Correspondence feature in any way to invoice Hirers. Nomad Now acts as exclusive payment agent for users. Any attempt to avoid Nomad Now fees in this way could lead to de-registration of a Flexi worker, Permanent worker and/or Hirer by Nomad Now as well as legal action for recovery of fees.

Nomad Now does not assume responsibility for Hirers paying for Flexi worker Services on time or at all. By making use of Nomad Now’s payments and collections assistance for Flexi workers, we anticipate that Flexi workers may be paid more reliably and, on average, faster than Flexi workers invoicing and billing Hirers directly but we make no guarantees in this regard and Flexi workers and Hirers acknowledge that they may not hold Nomad Now liable for any loss or damages of any nature related to collections and payments or non-payments.


Flexi worker revenues: Acting as payment agent, Hirers make payments of Flexi worker Order revenues to Nomad Now which receivessuch revenues on behalf of Flexi workers and in the name of the Flexi worker. Nomad Now will pay such revenues to Flexi workers once received from the Hirer and by no later than the next applicable Wednesday, as long as a period of 48 hours has elapsed since receipt of Flexi worker revenues from the Hirer. See details on timing of Payments from Hirers and to Flexi workers below.

Note that the above payment timing assumes that the Hirer and Flexi worker are not in a dispute over delivery of the Services and that payments have not been suspended by Nomad Now (for other reasons related to a breach of Nomad Now terms). Note also that there can be timing exceptions due to SA banking system clearance periods. Nomad Now cannot be responsible for any delays in payments from Hirers or to Flexi workers.







  • Flexi and Permanent Job Seekers display their Professional Flexi worker Services on Nomad Now to enable Hirers to purchase their Services.
  • Hirers may customize their offers for Professional Flexi worker Services.
  • For each Order, on successful completion by the Flexi worker, consequent payment by the Hirer and collection of revenues by Nomad Now, Nomad Now (acting as Payment Agent) transfers the Order revenues to the Flexi worker after deducting Nomad Now’s payment agent fees of 7% (plus VAT). See detail regarding fees applicable to off-platform transactions on page 10.
  • See our Orders section of this document for a definition of a Completed Order.
  • If an Order is cancelled by the Hirer (for any reason), outstanding Flexi worker Service revenues in respect of Services already delivered (up until cancellation) will be paid to the Flexi worker by Nomad Now on the Wednesday following receipt of such funds from the Hirer.
  • If there is an additional agreement regarding Notice Period Pay in the (optional and uploaded) Hirer Contract that amends or supplements the terms of the Order, the Notice Period pay agreed between Hirer and Flexi worker, will also be paid on the Wednesday following receipt of such funds from the Hirer.
  • A Flexi worker's rating is calculated based on the performance reviews posted by Hirers. High Ratings could enable Flexi workers to quote higher prices and achieve more favorable Order terms. It’s your business! ™. Aim for top ratings through high performance
  • For security reasons, Nomad Now may temporarily disable a Flexi worker’s ability to receive revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This may occur due to deemed security issues, improper behavior reported by Hirers, or associating multiple Nomad Now accounts to a single withdrawal provider.
  • Flexi and Permanent Job Seekers list their Professional Flexi worker Services on their Services page of their Profile.
  • Flexi and Perm worker Services may be removed by Nomad Now for violations of these Terms & Conditions, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations or infringements:
    • Illegal or fraudulent Services;
    • Content that demeans or diminishes the professional reputation or image of Nomad Now;
    • Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party's Terms & Conditions reported through our Intellectual Property Policy;
    • Adult oriented Services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene;
    • Spam, Nonsense, or Violent Flexi worker Services;
    • Flexi worker Services misleading to Hirers;
    • Selling of goods.
  • Job seeker Services that are removed for above-mentioned violations may result in the suspension of the user’s account.
  • Services that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited.
  • Services may be removed from our Search feature due to poor performance and/or user misconduct as reported by Hirers.
  • Services may contain an approved Professional Services Video uploaded onto their Personal Gallery
  • Any statements on your Profile Page that undermine or circumvent these Terms & Conditions are prohibited.
  • Services may be priced by Flexi workers at any price at their discretion.
  • Job seekers may offer their Services in structured formats with multiple prices per Professional Service (e.g.: Java development at R 650 per hour but c++ development at R 450 per hour).
  • Nomad Now does not provide a dispute resolution service and may not be held accountable or responsible for any disagreement, dispute, loss or damages to either Flexi worker, Permanent worker or Hirer in making use of Nomad Now and in transactions between Flexi workers, Permanent workers and Hirers. Users accept and agree in advance that they may not lodge any form of claim or redress against Nomad Now arising out of disputes or claims between users or claims against Nomad Now related to use of the Platform or our services.

As a Job Seeker, you guarantee that you are competent and qualified to properly carry out the Services that you undertake for, or offer to, Hirers on this platform.

Should it, after a Hirer has placed an Order for you, be established that there has been material non-disclosure, misleading or incorrect information given by you to the Hirer, which is of a material nature, you agree that the Hirer reserves the right to terminate the Order for your Services with immediate effect. “Material”, includes, amongst other things, issues relating to honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and issues relating to your work experience, abilities, qualifications but also includes issues relating to your identity, credit standing (only where relevant by law) and legal status (including rights to work and criminal status).


Nomad Now provides a boost for small business - especially owner-managed businesses. We seek to empower Flexi workers with helpful tools to grow their own business. Flexi workers who perform well, deliver on time and maintain high Ratings may be rewarded with special opportunities and benefits (not in beta version).

  • Nomad Now Flexi workers earn ratings based on the Hirer’s inputs on their performance, Hirer reviews and number of orders.
  • Changes in Ratings are automatically updated after completion of each Flexi worker Order and Hirer rating of the Flexi worker.
  • The Ratings that a Flexi worker can achieve are 1-5 Nomad Now Stars. 5 Nomad Now Stars reflects a top-rated Flexi worker.
  • Feedback Reviews provided by Hirers when Verifying a Completed Order are an essential part of Nomad Now's rating system. Reviews demonstrate the Hirer's overall experience with the Flexi workers and their Service
  • Feedback is weighted to achieve an overall rating calculated as follows:
    • Overall Delivery & Hirer satisfaction (50% weighting)
    • Demonstration of required technical skills (20% weighting)
    • Demonstration of required soft skills (20% weighting)
    • Accuracy of Flexi worker’s Nomad Now Skills Profile (10% weighting)
  • Flexi workers who cannot maintain their high quality of Service, or who experience a severe drop in Ratings, or who stop delivering on time, risk a declining Flexi worker rating and the advantages that come with it. For example, late or inadequate or sub-standard Delivery or warnings to Nomad Now about the Flexi worker’s performance; and cancellations due to poor performance can cause a Flexi worker to drop to a lower Rating.
  • By signing up with and using Nomad Now, the Flexi worker fully accepts Nomad Now’s Rating methodology and agrees that he/she shall have no recourse of any nature against Nomad Now related to Flexi worker’s ratings
  • Hirers are encouraged to communicate to the Flexi worker any concerns experienced during their active Order regarding the Service provided by the Flexi worker through the mechanism of the Order Inbox.
  • Hirer feedback given through Nomad Now’s Rating functionality that accompanies the Hirer Rating of the Flexi worker is a prerogative of a Hirer and at the Hirer’s discretion. Feedback Reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of our Terms & Conditions. Nomad Now is not and cannot be responsible for Remarks made by Hirers.
  • Note that Ratings and Reviews are made by the Hirer after the Flexi worker has marked an Order as Complete.
  • To prevent any misuse of our Rating system, all such feedback must come from legitimate Orders executed exclusively through the Nomad Now platform from Nomad Now users within our Community. Orders that are ‘arranged’ and/or that Nomad Now decides (at their discretion) are artificial and designed to enhance Flexi worker Ratings or to abuse the Nomad Now platform with Orders from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.
  • Ratings made by Hirers are publicly displayed on a Flexi worker’s Profile Page. Hirers have the option not to include a (text box) Review of the Flexi worker’s Delivery, but to still rate the Service (i.e.: using the Star ratings).
  • Cancellation of an Order does not automatically remove feedback unless mutually agreed between Hirer and Flexi worker. There is no option to provide feedback if an order is cancelled.
  • Withholding by the Flexi worker of the delivery of Services, files, or information required to complete the Order with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional Services is prohibited.
  • Users may leave reviews on Orders up to 30 days after an Order is marked as Complete. No new reviews may be added to an Order after 30 days.
  • Flexi workers may not solicit the removal of reviews from their Hirers through mutual cancellations or contact.
  • Top Rated Flexi workers are chosen automatically using Nomad Now algorithms and at Nomad Now’s discretion, manually, by Nomad Now editors through an ongoing review process based on:
    • Price at which Orders are concluded (and repeated).
    • Volume of Orders.
    • Extremely high Ratings.
    • Exceptional customer feedback.
    • High Order completion rate.

    Top rated Flexi workers can gain access to Higher Nomad Now search result prominence
  • Top Rated Flexi worker eligibility is monitored and evaluated by Nomad Now to ensure quality standards and that Nomad Now expectations are maintained. Top Rated Flexi workers who do not maintain their high-quality Service through a material drop in Ratings or Service Delivery which may be evidenced by (for example) not delivering on time, increased cancellation rate or violations of Nomad Now’s Terms & Conditions, risk losing their Top rating and associated benefits.
  • Once a Hirer places an Inquiry for Flexi or Perm worker Services, the Hirer and Job Seeker can correspond regarding their Order to address specific items through their Order Correspondence Inbox. Note: Nomad Now is designed for Hirer-initiated contact only. We enable our Hirers to accurately and selectively engage with Flexi and Permanent workers whom they perceive as offering the preferred Service that the Hirer requires.
  • Job seekers may not use the Correspondence to materially alter their Services or as an opportunity to ‘sell’ diverse, unrelated or different Orders to the Hirer. Nomad Now aims to protect Hirers from unsolicited and direct approaches and sales or marketing of any kind.
  • Services provided through Changing Order Details or Amended Orders may also not violate Nomad Now’s Terms & Conditions.
  • Up until the Order has been Accepted, Hirers do have the ability to modify the Order by clicking ‘Modify Order Details’ or ‘Change Inquiry Details’ on the Order Details page. Note that the current Order will be cancelled, and an entirely new Order will commence.
  • Alternatively, if the Order has already been Accepted, the Hirer may Amend an Order (which behindthe-scenes amounts to creating a completely new Order and closing the original Order). How can this be achieved?

    • Under Order Details, the Hirer simply needs to click Amend Order and the Flexi worker Services page will appear. The Hirer can place a new Order for Services with new Order Details.
    • Following the above Amendment of an Order (and consequent premature closing of existing Order), Nomad Now will generate notifications of Cancellation of the previous Order.

    Services provided through Amending Existing Orders may not violate Nomad Now’s Terms & Conditions and particularly may not be used to bypass the Nomad Now platform.


  • Nomad Now is designed to enable Hirers to search and/or advertise and selectively approach Nomad Now Professional Flexi workers and Permanent workers to secure their Services through an ‘Order’ either for a defined period or permanently.
  • Recruitment Agencies who subscribe to Nomad Now use the platform to search or place Job Ads for jobseekers. Agencies do not make use of the platform Inquiry & Order processes.
  • Nomad Now is a platform for buying and selling of Professional Flexi worker & Independent Contractor Services as well as for recruiting of Permanent Staff.
  • We enable Hirers to connect directly with providers of Flexi worker Services and to transact for such Services. We assist and empower our Flexi workers by helping them offer their Services directly to a large Hirer base, and without their fees being ‘capped’ by Labour Brokers
  • Hirers either search or advertise for specific Professional Flexi worker Services from Nomad Now Flexi workers using our search algorithms and then engage with selected / preferred Flexi workers to transact for such Flexi worker Services.
  • Our search algorithms ensure that search results are personalised, adaptive, and unique for every Hirer. Hirers can make use of search criteria weightings to influence search results
  • The entire offer, acceptance and Order completion process is performed through the Nomad Now platform.
  • Hirers may not offer directly or indirectly, payments to Flexi workers using payments or payment systems outside of the Nomad Now Order system. In other (more direct!) words – you may not bypass Nomad Now to make use of or gain access to Flexi worker Services offered on the Platform, for example, by transacting outside of Nomad Now.
  • Hirers may request any Professional Flexi worker Service offered by any Flexi worker on Nomad Now.

This paragraph applies to Hirers located in South Africa. Where a Flexi worker is VAT registered in South Africa, the fee charged by the Flexi worker to the Hirer will be ‘plus VAT’ where applicable. A VAT compliant invoice will be provided to Hirers. The same applies to other jurisdictions where Nomad Now is legally obligated to apply VAT charges.


  • Hirers transact on a Job Seeker’s Profile Page using the Submit an Inquiry or the Instant Order button on the Services page.
  • This section does not apply to Agencies. Recruitment Agencies make use of the platform for our Search and Jobs Ads but do not make use of our Inquiry & Order processes
  • In summary, the transacting process is as follows:

    • Hirer either conducts a Search or places a Job or Services Request Ad for its preferred Flexi worker or Permanent worker.
    • Hirer expresses interest in a Flexi worker or Permanent worker by clicking on Submit an Inquiry.
    • Hirer completes the Inquiry (which is non-binding between Job Seeker and Hirer) and is required to click Accept on the Nomad Now Terms & Conditions in order to proceed.
    • Hirer reviews the Order before clicking on Submit Inquiry.
    • Flexi or Permanent worker responds with ‘Pre-Approve Inquiry’, ‘Correspond’ or ‘Reject Inquiry’
    • Hirer and Flexi or Permanent worker reach consensus on the terms of the Order
    • Hirer is given another opportunity to review and check that all Order details are correct and then ticks Place Order, indicating agreement to the Order terms displayed.
    • Job seeker Accepts the Order.
    • The Order acceptance process is then concluded and is ‘Open’ pending ‘Commencement of Order’, i.e.: when Flexi worker commences delivering Flexi worker Services at the agreed Starting Date.
  • Late payments by Hirers will result in Flexi workers receiving their Revenues late and this is contrary to both the spirit and the letter of Nomad’s Terms & Conditions with our Hirers. As revenue collection periods are so critical to Flexi workers (particularly as individuals or small businesses), we assist in collections of their Revenues. We do not guarantee collections of Order revenues from Hirers.
  • You may not offer or encourage Flexi workers to pay, or make payment using any method other than through the Nomad Now platform or to Nomad’s dedicated account for such Flexi worker payments. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it immediately to Customer Services here.
  • To protect against fraud, unauthorized Orders (such as money laundering), claims or other liabilities, we do not collect credit information; but allow our payment vendors to collect information for collecting payments from Hirers on the App for transferring payments to Flexi workers on the App. We are not exposed to the payment information provided to our payment vendors and this information is subject to the Privacy Policy applicable to the payment vendor. Please see our Privacy Policy fully set out in our FAQ.
  • Once an Order is Accepted (i.e.: Flexi worker accepts the Hirer Inquiry), the Order will be created and given a unique Nomad Now Order Reference number (NUM).
  • Flexi workers signify completion of Services using the Request Completion and Verification of Order button (located on the Open Order Page).
  • Use of the Request Completion and Verification of Order button may not be abused by Flexi workers to circumvent Order guidelines described in this Terms & Conditions.
  • Using the Request Completion and Verification of Order button when an Order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that Order and a subsequent Review that will negatively affect the Flexi worker’s rating and may also result in a warning to Flexi worker and possible removal from the Nomad Now platform.
  • An Order is complete after the Flexi worker ticks Request Completion and Verification of Order AND the Hirer ticks Order Completed & Verified.
  • An Order will be automatically marked as Complete even if the Flexi worker is not rated (on the Flexi worker Services provided) by the Hirer (provided that no request for modification by the Hirer was submitted) 72 hours after marked as Complete by the Flexi worker by sending a Request for Completion and Verification of Order to the Hirer
  • We encourage our Hirers and Flexi workers to try and settle issues or possible disputes amongst themselves.
  • Nomad Now provides tips in FAQs on possible issues of disagreement that may arise between Flexi worker and Hirer. In respect of issues or disputes both Flexi worker and Hirer have agreed to be bound by the Nomad Now Terms & Conditions which are freely available and evident under Conflict and Resolution Tips in our FAQ.
  • Nomad Now does not provide a dispute resolution service or give advice on disputes or their resolution and may not be held accountable or responsible for any disagreement, loss or damage to either the Flexi worker or Hirer in making use of Nomad Now and/or through or related to transactions between Flexi workers and Hirers. Flexi workers and Hirers accept and agree in advance that they may not lodge any form of claim or redress against Nomad Now.

If you encounter illegal or non-authorized usage of the Nomad Now platform, users can contact Nomad Now Customer Services here.

  • When a Hirer places an Order for a Flexi worker or Permanent worker’s Professional Services, the Flexi worker or Permanent worker is notified by email as well as notifications on the platform through Inbox located under the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, while logged into his/her account.
  • In response to an Inquiry, Flexi workers or Permanent workers may be asked by the Hirer to provide information on the Hirer’s specific Service requests via Order Correspondence.
  • Most information relevant to Hirer requests should already be visible to Hirers in the Flexi worker’s Profile when the Flexi worker completes the information required to complete his/her Profile.
  • After completion of a Flexi worker Services Order, Flexi workers must indicate completion using the Request Completion and Verification button (located on the Flexi worker Order Page).
  • In some Orders that comprise or require the ‘delivery’ of documents, spreadsheets, media or other files, these will be attached and sent to the Hirer using the Upload function in the Order Correspondence. After such upload, the Flexi worker will then click ‘Request Completion and Verification of Order’ for the Hirer to approve.

There are several ways Hirers can pay for Services on Nomad Now. Choose the option which best suits you. Note: Hirers may transact with both South-African and non-South African Flexi workers and Permanent workers.
Below are the payment methods currently available on Nomad Now. We hope to expand these in due course, especially when the world frees itself from expensive card-linked forms of payment.

Nomad Now Hirer online payment methods – simply click on the relevant link/URL on your Nomad Now invoice:

  • Pay via electronic EFT through the trusted Sage Pay payment gateway integrated into our Nomad Now platform (South Africa only).
  • Pay via manual EFT (local and international).
  • PayPal. This payment method can be used by Hirers for payments to SA and non-SA Flexi workers. Note that we charge Hirers a nominal additional fee to cover the PayPal merchant cost to Nomad Now.

Note that in all instances, Order Revenues are paid by Hirers to Nomad Now before being transferred to the Flexi worker

Using Sage Pay:
You can connect your Sage Pay account as a saved payment method, to make payment faster, without having to fill-in your credentials every time.


We have set out below, the Nomad Now standard cancellation terms. Note that Hirers and Flexi workers are free to agree on different cancellation terms as long as they record such terms via Inbox Correspondence or upload such terms in a document / contract on the Hirer “Contracts” page.



Either Flexi worker or Hirer may cancel an Order for any reason:

  • Within 48 hours of Acceptance of Order (by Hirer and Flexi worker) in the case of an
    Order up to 30 days in duration; or
  • Within 7 days of Acceptance of Order (by Hirer and Flexi worker) in the case of
    Orders over 30 days in duration.


Either Flexi worker or Hirer may cancel an Order for any reason:

  • Within 48 hours of Commencement of an Order (by Hirer and Flexi worker) in the case of an
    Order up to 30 days in duration; or
  • Within 7 days of Commencement of an Order (by Hirer or Flexi worker) in the case of an
    Orders over 30 days in duration.

In the above instances Hirers will still incur the Nomad Now fee, despite the cancellation of the Order by the Hirer. In the event that the Flexi worker cancelled the Order, the Hirer will not incur the Nomad Now placement fee. Such cancellations could have a negative effect on the cancelling party’s rating.


If an Order for a Flexi worker is cancelled (for any reason), any revenues collected by Nomad Now from the Hirer flowing from that Order, but not yet paid to the Flexi worker due to the Cancellation, will be credited to the Hirer’s account and held over for future Orders or, on request by the Hirer be refunded by Nomad Now to the Hirer:

  • Less any applicable Nomad Now fee; and
  • Less the applicable Flexi worker Notice pay payable in lieu of Notice at the option of the Hirer (i.e.: either 48 hours or 7 days depending on whether the Order wasfor a period of up to 30 days or longer than 30 days).

Should an Order for a Flexi worker be cancelled for any reason, neither party will have any further rights and/or obligations with regards thereto, except for those rights and/or obligations that survive its termination, such as an obligation to pay the Flexi worker for services rendered or goods delivered.

Hirers will still incur the Nomad Now fee, despite cancellation of an Order by the Hirer. If the Flexi worker cancelled the Order, the Hirer will not incur the Nomad Now fee.

Note that Cancellations will have a negative effect on the Flexi worker or Hirer's respective rating if they were the cancelling party.


  • Nomad Now also enables Hirers and Flexi workers to Mutually Cancel an Order at any time after commencement of the Order.
  • The above Mutual Cancellation option requires Hirers and Flexi workers to act in good faith. The mechanism may not be used as a method of bypassing the Nomad Now Platform and if users misuse it to achieve this end, Nomad Now may disqualify such users from using the Platform as well as seeking to recover lost income from both parties and users agree that this may be on a joint and several liability basis.
  • We like to regard Mutual Cancellation as a crucial and open-minded freedom between Flexi worker and Hirer but note that prevailing Labour Legislation may override any contractual rights agreed to between the Flexi worker and Hirer and such risk is borne purely by the contracting parties to the Order, which are Hirer and Flexi worker
  • Both parties (Flexi workers and Hirers) use the platform knowing and accepting in advance that they may benefit from and rely on such flexibility that such terms would provide and that this mutual understanding will boost Flexi worker transacting between providers and takers of Professional Services.
  • We encourage a way of working together where buyers and sellers of services exercise a degree of ‘meeting halfway’ via mutual consent in terms of allowing the other party to withdraw from an Order.
  • Hirers may use the Order Correspondence Inbox feature during the Service Delivery period, to communicate issues to the Flexi worker, if the Flexi worker Service Delivery does not match the Flexi workers’ description of their Services on the Flexi worker Profile or if the Flexi worker Service provided does not match the requirements sent by the Hirer to the Flexi worker as described in the Order.
  • Hirersreversing or attempting to reverse a payment through their payment provider or bank are in violation of these Terms & Conditions. Doing so may result in the Hirer account being temporarily disabled to investigate possible security violations.
  • Nomad Now reserves the right to cancel Orders or place funds on hold for any suspected fraudulent Orders made on the platform.
  • If an Order is cancelled (for any reason), the funds paid to Nomad Now on behalf of a Flexi worker for Flexi worker Services not yet delivered, will be refunded to the Hirer on request by the Hirer or failing that, held over and applied to the Hirer’s next Order if sufficient to pay for the entire Order.


Automatic Order cancellations may be applied by Nomad Now in certain circumstances for quality control and fairness purposes.

Note: Nomad Now notifies users of activity on their account. This is usually Platform Notifications or activity (correspondence) generated by Hirers, Flexi workers or Permanent workers. It is essential that users respond to such notifications as soon as possible in order to increase probability of successful Orders and to use the Platform effectively and also to maintain a high Response Rate and Rating.

  • Inactivity Notifications:
    • Messages sent but Unseen:
      • If a platform Notification remains ‘unseen’ for 12 hours, the recipient will receive Standard Push notifications after 12 hours, every 24 hours for 7 days or until the Notification is viewed.
    • Messages sent and Seen:
      • If a platform Notification has been ‘seen’ but not responded to, the recipient will receive Standard Push notifications after 12 hours, every 24 hours for 7 days or until a response is provided.
  • Correspondence between users:
    • Users are advised by the Platform when they receive correspondence from another user. If such correspondence remains ‘unseen’ after 12 hours, they will receive Standard Push notifications to read such correspondence every 24 hours for 3 days.
  • Approval of Inquiries and Order Notifications:
    • Where an Inquiry or Order has been made by a Hirer for a Flexi worker or Permanent worker and the recipient of Platform Inquiry or Order Notifications does not respond within 12 hours, the Platform sends reminder Standard Push notifications for 7 days, drawing the attention of the party to respond to the Inquiry.
    • If, after the above 7-day period, the recipient has still not responded to the Platform Notification, the Inquiry or Order will be cancelled. Note: such lack of response does affect your rating.
  • Orders Already placed:
    • Nomad Now sends Standard Push notifications every 24 hours for 3 working days. If the user does not reply within 72 hours (excluding weekends) of that period, they are emailed to inform them that if they do not reply within 5 working days, the Order will be cancelled.
  • Cancellation of Active Orders (after Order Acceptance but before the Flexi worker completes the Service):
    • The Flexi worker is a Late Start and unresponsive for more than 48 hours after the Order is marked as Late (not in beta version). In these instances (until our next version is released) the Hirer should contact us at help@nomadnow.co alerting us to this issue or use the online Chat visible on-screen.
    • Users are abusive towards the other party through threats of low Ratings or other leverage against each other.
    • Flexi workers supplied or included copyright/trademark infringing materials as part of their delivery of the Hirer requirements.
    • The user is no longer an active Nomad Now user due to Terms & Conditions violations or closure of their account.
  • Cancellation of Completed Orders (after the Flexi worker clicks Request Completion and Verification of Order and before the Order is marked by the Hirer as Order Completed & Verified):
    • The Flexi worker attempts to extend the Delivery due date to complete the requested Service without providing the final delivered Service to Hirers.
      Note: Multiple reported offences will result in permanent suspension of your account.
    • The Flexi worker requests additional payments, on or off the Nomad Now platform, by withholding the final Delivery of Services directly related to the agreed requirements.
    • The Flexi worker is withholding final Delivery of Services for improved Flexi worker Ratings.
    • Hirers who abuse the Request Revisions function to gain more Services from Flexi workers beyond the agreed requirements.
    • Hirers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more Services from the Flexi worker not related to the agreed requirements.
  • Cancellation of Orders Verified as Completed Orders (after the Flexi worker clicks Request Completion and Verification of Order and Hirer has clicked Order Completed & Verified and before the 72-hour limitation):
    • Users who have been reported to use copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification and with proof.
    • Note: Terms of Commercial use are found on the Flexi worker’s Profile Page and cannot be retrospectively included once the Order is completed.
    • Nomad Now Customer Services will review cases of Order Delivery manipulation that prevent Hirers and Flexi workers from fully utilizing our Customer Services that enabled the Order to be marked as complete.

      Note: cancellations in the above instances will negatively affect such user’s rating
  • Nomad Now does not automatically refund Hirer payments made for cancelled Orders. Hirer funds held by Nomad Now in respect of Order cancellations, and not due to the Job Seeker, are held by Nomad Now as a credit for the Hirer and are available for future Orders on Nomad Now. Such cancellation must be legitimate (the Hirer is not in breach of the Platform terms relating to cancellations and bypassing of the Platform) and the Order correctly cancelled. Any such Hirer funds not due and paid to the Flexi worker will, on request by the Hirer be refunded to the Hirer (less Nomad Now’s fee) in the form of an account credit to be used in future Orders. The Hirer’s total balance can be found next to their username on the top menu in the right corner or the Hirer Dashboard page.
  • Additionally, when an Order is cancelled, Hirers may in some cases, no longer retain the rights to use any of the Services or the items delivered to them (if applicable). All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to the Hirer shall be subject to full payment for the Order and the Services delivered by the Flexi worker may not be used if payment is cancelled for any reason.
  • To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account. This is subject to review by our Customer Services team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. If any processing fees were added at the time of purchase to create a new Order, the processing fee portion of that payment will not be refunded.

Nomad Now brings convenience to Resourcing teams, enabling all Talent to be stored online and all Recruitment processes to be conducted in one place, from Sourcing to obtaining hiring permissions, to offer and acceptance.

We created an easy-to-use ‘Invite Talent’ feature that enables Hirers to send quick invitations online but also records and recognises Hirer introduction of Talent. Why? Hirers qualify for lower fees when Ordering Talent which they introduced. This fee reduction applies for a period of 9 months from date of activation of such Talent and fee rate is agreed with Nomad Now (admin@nomadnow.co) on request.

The ‘Invite Talent’ feature is located in the left menu of the Hirer profile.


What are Nomad Rewards?

Nomad Rewards have been created to encourage growth of the platform and to make more Flexi and Perm workers aware of the benefits of using Nomad Now. We incentivise existing users to introduce additional Talent to the platform.

Our Nomad Rewards sharing feature is extremely simple to use. Just copy and share your unique (Flexi or Perm worker) referral code in order to start earning referral fees from your friends’ Orders. Our platform records all introductions of successfully introduced talent by Nomad Now users.

How do I introduce Talent to Nomad Now?

Sharing is easy. Just copy your referral code into your preferred social media platform or use our auto-email function. Just go to your Profile and see the ‘Share and Rewards’ page in the left column.

Your referral fees will apply to Orders, successfully completed by your introduced Talent, signed off by the Hirer and paid for by the Hirer to Nomad Now. In order to preserve confidentiality of Order values, your incentive fees are calculated using a machine-generated random percentage ranging between 17% to 21% of platform fees (excl VAT) earned by Nomad Now from Hirers in the instance of Flexi Worker Orders and ranging from 11% to 15% on Nomad Now Fees (excl VAT) earned from Hirers on Perm Worker Orders. In the unlikely event that Nomad Now grants a refund to the Hirer for the affected Order performed by the introduced Job Seeker, such refund will proportionately reduce the applicable incentive reward.

Additional terms:

  • Note that the incentive terms and conditions may be subject to change from time to time by Nomad Now.
  • The current version of the Nomad Rewards incentive enables Nomad Job Seekers to earn Nomad Rewards on all Order periods completed by your successfully introduced Job Seekers by 31 May 2024.
  • Nomad Rewards will be paid out to registered Nomad Now Introducers on a monthly basis, at monthend, following the month in which the Nomad Now fee(s) was received from the Hirer for that Order (i.e.: we perform 1 payment batch per month).
  • The cost of Nomad Rewards is borne by and is for the cost of, Nomad Now, and not for Hirer cost.
  • Any direct signups onto Nomad Now and previously signed-up Job Seekers will not qualify as introduced talent by the Introducer for the purpose of Nomad Rewards.
  • Remember that Nomad Now is a platform for professionals only, i.e.: Job Seekers conducting work that requires deep technical specialist skills and training. Nomad Now reserves the right to remove signedup Job Seekers whom it deems inappropriate for the platform
  • Ensure that your bank account details are up to date on your Profile, as Nomad Now will auto-transfer referral fees only to the bank account listed on your Nomad Now Talent Profile. We cannot engage in correspondence regarding other payment methods or accept otherwise provided bank details.


Nomad Now maintains a friendly, community-spirited and professional environment. Users should maintain and respect that spirit while using the Nomad Now platform. This section relates to the expected conduct users should adhere to while interacting with each other on Nomad Now and with the Platform itself.

To report a violation of our Terms & Conditions, User Misconduct, or inquiries regarding your account, please contact our Customer Services team here.

We care about your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is set out in full in our FAQ and is incorporated as part of these Terms & Conditions by reference.

To protect our users' privacy, certain sensitive Job Seeker personal details (such as bank account details) are kept anonymous to other Platform users.

Requesting or providing email or other contact addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Nomad Now to circumvent or abuse any Nomad Now messaging systems or the Nomad Now platform is not permitted.

Once a Hirer has placed an Order or Inquiry and the Flexi or Permanent worker has accepted such Order, the Hirer may request that the Flexi or Permanent worker reveal relevant confidential information to the Hirer for the purposes of the Hirer implementing the Order. For example, the Flexi worker or Permanent worker may be called upon to provide employment-related or other contractual documentation for the Order (or following the Order) to perform necessary and allowable credibility checks on the Flexi worker.

Any necessary exchange of personal information required to commence or continue a Service may be exchanged through the Correspondence Inbox between Hirer and Job Seeker.

You indemnify Nomad Now against any claim by any third party or user, arising from or in connection with your processing of personal information obtained from the Nomad Now database.

Nomad Now does not provide any guarantee of the level of Service offered to Hirers or jobseekers. We also provide no warranty with respect to the Job Seeker Services, their delivery, and any communications between Hirers and Job Seekers. We encourage users to take advantage of our rating system, our community and to apply common sense in choosing appropriate Job Seeker Services offerings.

By offering a Service, the Job Seeker undertakes and guarantees that he/she has appropriate skills, experience, ability, permissions, rights and/or licenses to provide the Services offered on Nomad Now. Job Seekers offering their Professional Services online must comply with Nomad Now Terms & Conditions. Failing to do so may result in removal of the Professional Services and may lead to the suspension of Job Seeker’s account.

Nomad Now does not provide protection for users who interact outside of the Nomad Now platform. All information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively on Nomad Now's platform.


Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account. Nomad Now reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently disable accounts due to breach of our Terms & Conditions or due to any illegal or inappropriate use of the platform or Services brought to our attention. Users with disabled accounts will not be able to make use of Nomad Now.

Users who have violated our Terms & Conditions and had their account disabled may contact our Customer Services team for more information surrounding the violation and status of their account. Users must be able to verify their account ownership through Customer Services by providing documents, identification and correspondence that prove ownership of that account to the satisfaction of Nomad Now.


Further, Nomad Now will post notice of updates to Terms & Conditions that are visible to you on logging in to Nomad Now and by doing so, you agree to have been properly notified of such updated Terms & Conditions and that by continuing, you accept such updated Terms & Conditions.

Uploaded Content (‘UC’) by Nomad Now users refers to the content added and/or uploaded by users of Nomad Now in contemplation of or arising from or out of the performance of their work with a Hirer. All UC uploaded to Nomad Now by Hirers and Flexi workers is not reviewed or screened by Nomad Now. You agree with the above and you agree that inappropriate or content may be removed or disabled at Nomad Now’s discretion.


  • Users with the intention to (or who have the effect of) defame competing Flexi workers or Hirers will have their reviews / comments removed or further account rating related actions determined by review by our Customer Services team
  • Users may not spam or solicit previous Hirers or Flexi workers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling Orders that do not align with Order Cancellation or Feedback policies or to solicit additional Services.

Reporting Violations
If you come across any content that may violate our Terms & Conditions, you should report it to us through Customer Services as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. Cases are reviewed by Customer Services. To protect individual privacy, the results of the investigation are not shared.


Users may receive a warning on their account for violations of our Terms & Conditions or any user misconduct reported to Customer Service. A warning will be sent to the user's email address and will be displayed for such user on the Platform. Warnings do not limit account activity but can lead to your account losing Flexi worker ratings or becoming permanently disabled depending on the extent and severity of the violation.


Adult Services & Pornography: Nomad Now does not allow any exchange of adult-oriented or pornographic materials and Services.
Inappropriate Behavior & Language: Communication on Nomad Now should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Nomad Now condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. We allow users a medium for which messages are exchanged between Flexi or Permanent Job Seekers and Hirers and, a structure to rate Orders. We value such feedback and comments to further improve our offering.
Phishing and Spam: Nomad Now takes the matter of its members’ security seriously. Any attempts to publish or send malicious content with the intent to compromise another member’s account or computer infrastructure is strictly prohibited. Please respect our members’ privacy by not contacting them for commercial purposes outside of the intents and purposes of Nomad Now.
Privacy & Identity: You may not collect, download, publish or post other people's private and confidential information except as contemplated in the normal usage of the Platform. Any personal information exchange required for the completion of a Service must be provided within an Order and via Order Correspondence. Flexi or Permanent Job Seekers further, confirm, that whatever information they receive from the Hirer, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the Hirer and will be treated as confidential. Any users who engage and communicate outside of Nomad Now will not be protected by our Terms & Conditions.
Fraud / Unlawful Use: You may not use Nomad Now for any unlawful purposes or to conduct illegal activities.


Multiple Accounts: To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Nomad Now community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations of Nomad Now’s Terms & Conditions are cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.
Selling Accounts: You may not buy or sell Nomad Now accounts


Nomad Now may cancel, deactivate, or suspend a user’s account.

An account may be temporarily deactivated due to low response rate, acceptance rate or poor reviews. To reactivate your account in these instances, steps will be outlined in an email sent to you advising you of the account cancellation or deactivation.

Nomad Now periodically reviews accounts and assesses whether any accounts should be deactivated in order to uphold high standards and also our undertaking to users in the Nomad Now Community. We may also deactivate accounts due to breaches of our Terms & Conditions. Nomad Now may deactivate, suspend your account, and/or prevent your access the Nomad Now platform.

Pending Orders or even Orders already accepted may be cancelled by Nomad Now. We may advise Hirers that an Order has been cancelled and if appropriate, we may refund (credit) a Hirer in full, from a particular Flexi worker’s revenue, regardless of the cancellation terms agreed between Flexi worker and the Hirer.


Users may cancel their account(s) at any time. Nomad Now’s rights in terms of pre-existing processes such as introductions, Inquiries and Orders endure beyond cancellation.

Go to ‘Settings’ in your Job Seeker Profile and click on the ‘Delete Account’ button.