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4% for flexi-skills
5% for permanent staff

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Thank you and really a great way to market freelancers etc. Very focused and professional etc.


Awesome story, Ross, mazeltov!

Mark T

I have just signed up and created a great profile on Nomad. I really like the platform and I must make mention that the idea behind Nomad is incredible.


This is a fantastic platform. Well done!

Kind Regards Gary

Love the interface/dashboard. Nice site.

Regards Gulam

...thus far, beautifully crafted - compliments to the chef.


I have barely started using this site and I am loving it!


The Nomad Now concept is brilliant by the way. Absolutely love it.


You’ve built an elegant platform.


It makes business sense. The internships for physically challenged is great. I have passion for people living with disabilities. Again, this is a brilliant movement. Happy to be part of it.


Thank you so much, this is a great tool and I have shared the information with the rest of our management team.

Kind regards, Daleen

This is such a great iniative. Thanks so much


This is truly an innovative medium.


Well done on what you’ve launched, I’m sure it’ll do very well! I love your website design and functionality; would you mind sharing with me who you designer and developers are?


Brilliant. I have so many colleagues and a mountain of people I have met, throughout my career, and more recently, through the various NPO work I do. A dream come true for them. Thank you. I am going to share this.


Good luck, looks an intriguing offering, I’ll pass it around my Consult/Freelance connections.


Great concept! I love the CLEAN look and uncomplicated process.


That's pretty impressive! World class well done.


Wow!!! Loving your work..


Congrats on this initiative! Very innovative.


This is great, congratulations. We would be keen to participate in this.


This is definitely an amazing platform in the making. Congrats on your new launch and all the best.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team at Nomad for making a platform for graduates and internship seekers.


Thank you kindly for the work you’re all doing, appreciated


Recruitment Platform for hiring Professional
Independent Contractors, Consultants, Freelancers & Candidates.

For the on-demand and permanent workforce.

Web-based Platform

Nomad Now is a web-based recruitment platform that brings together buyers and sellers of professional services.

No Agencies, No Middlemen

Nomad Now is a digital recruitment platform / marketplace. We are not an employer. We put businesses directly in touch with candidates and flexi-workers.

Time & Cost Effective

Seamless & fast transacting saves time in skills-resourcing processes. Fees are disruptive: 4% (flexi-skills) or 5% (permanent roles).


Directly & easily access top professional skills at low cost. Hire Candidates as well as Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers directly.

Nomad Now enables businesses to access and transact online directly with an agile, on-demand workforce and also to recruit permanent staff all via one innovative platform!

No unwanted job applications. Use our Client Job Ads algorithms to only attract talent that matches your Specs. Just drop your Job Spec into our Job Ads feature and our algorithms match talent to your Job Spec according to your % match request.

No middleman agency in Flexi-hires. Clients contract directly with their choice of talent. Upload your own contracts. Avoid the (contingent liability) risks of labour-broking.



'It’s your business.' Showcase your skills in a closed network and let Clients find you using our powerful Search tools or using our Client Job Ads!

Nomad Now enables Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers to create and display detailed professional profiles for Clients to match your skills and experience to their job or project staffing requirements.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, recent graduate seeking internships or non-exec director looking for board or advisory roles, Nomad Now is ideal for giving you visibility to a large and established Client base.

Tired of the admin hassles of invoicing and fighting for collections as a Freelancer? We invoice on your behalf and assist in revenue collections!



Create a Candidate profile and be visible for permanent roles with our large Client base.

Professional Candidates create their Nomad Now profiles, enabling Clients to see and engage directly with them for Clients' permanent staff needs.

Clients are hugely motivated by our low recruitment fees (5%) and use us as a one-stop-platform to access both flexi and permanent talent. Clients transact online with you directly, removing the added costs, time and complexities of working through middlemen agencies.

How do you show that you are available for Permanent Placement on Nomad Now? Once registered or signed in, go to your Permanent Roles page and indicate your permanent employment preferences.


Who are our Candidates, Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers?

They are ‘Professionals’ – performing work that requires deep specialist skills and training

Examples: Software Developers / Legal Advisors / Advertising or Media Creatives / Quants / Non-exec Directors / Risk Consultants / Engineers / Architects / Photographers / Accountants / Management Consultants / Economic Analysts / Coaches & Trainers / Compliance Professionals / Comms Advisers / Lab Analysts / Medical Practitioners / Labour Advisors / Tax Advisers / Wealth, Wellness and many more!

Who are our Clients?

Companies, Institutions and Individuals in all industry sectors including Business / Services / Manufacturing & Mining / Communications & Media / Finance & Investments.

Built for Simplicity & Speed

Nomad Now is a fully-automated digital platform. It's FAST. Engage, assess and order Talent directly online. We removed the middleman and overhauled an out-dated industry.

Low Cost & Easy to Use

Industry-changing costs: 4% for Flexi and 5% for Permanent staff. Candidates, Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers create their own Nomad Now Profiles to create visibility for Client searches & Client Job Ads. Our search algorithms match Client preferences to ideal talent.


Nomad Now is a Client-driven platform. Clients place Job Ads or use our advanced search algorithms to rapidly & accurately find their choice of professionals. Candidates & Flexi-workers set their work preferences.

Find Top Professionals

Clients select & hire Candidates, Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers based on ratings, skills, roles, qualifications, experience, price, location and calendar availability. We also facilitate Online Skills References.

Quick Process

Clients can shortlist and order professional talent online within a few clicks. On acceptance, an Order is created. We also enable 'Instant Orders' for Candidates or Flexi-workers with whom you are already familiar.


Rigorous protection of private details. Nomad Now assists in facilitation of monthly payments to Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers and enables easy cancellations.

Start hiring your teams online!