The Professional Freelancer Platform™

for the easy hiring of Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Contractor & Freelancer Platform

for the on-demand workforce. Harmonizing skill matches

Web-based Platform

Nomad Now is a web-based platform that brings together buyers and sellers of professional services.

No Agencies, No Middlemen

Nomad Now is not a jobs platform. We put businesses and Freelancers directly in touch.

Time & Cost Effective

Seamless transacting that saves time and significantly lowers the costs associated with lengthy skills resourcing processes.


Access top professional skills at low cost. Advance your business with the easy hiring of Independent Contractor & Freelancer services.

Nomad Now enables businesses to access an agile, on-demand workforce via our large, screened professional Contractor & Freelancer database.



'It’s your business' ©. Showcase your skills in a closed network and let our Clients find you!

Nomad Now enables Independent Contractors & Freelancers to create a detailed professional profile for Clients to easily match your skills to specific requirements.

Tired of the admin hassles of invoicing and fighting for collections? Relax, we invoice and collect your revenues for you!


Built for Simplicity & Speed

Nomad Now is a fully-automated digital platform.

Easy to Use

Clients use our advanced search algorithms to rapidly find professional Contractor & Freelancer services.


Contractors & Freelancers put together their own profiles to create visibility for Client searches.

Find Professionals

Clients select Contractors & Freelancers based on ratings, skills, roles, qualifications, experience, price, location and calendar availability.

Quick Process

Clients shortlist and order Contractor & Freelancers' services. On acceptance by the Contractor or Freelancer, an order is created.


Nomad Now facilitates rapid monthly payments to Contractors & Freelancers and easy cancellations.

Start hiring your team online!