Within Nomad Now's Platform, you will come across terms which are specific to Nomad Now. See the common terminology used on the Platform and respective definitions. More detailed explanations and usages of our terminology are provided throughout this FAQ document.

Acceptance of an Order occurs when a Freelancer accepts an Order placed by a Client.

Changed Order details means Order terms changed and agreed upon between Client and Freelancer before Acceptance of an Order, either by corresponding through Inbox Messages or by attaching a contract agreed to between Client and Freelancer.

An Amended Order is used when Client and Freelancer wish to alter terms of a Freelancer Services Order once the Order has been Accepted (ie: an Open Order).

A Cancellation is a request to cancel an Order and can be initiated by either Client or Freelancer. Either Freelancer or Client may cancel an Order for any reason:

  • Within 48 hours of Acceptance of Order in the case of an Order up to 30 days in duration;
  • Within 7 days of Acceptance of Order in the case of Orders over 30 days in duration.

Client is a registered Nomad Now Client user who can Order and make use of Freelancer Services on Nomad Now. Clients are users who search for and purchase Freelancer Services (transact) through their access to and use of the Nomad Now platform.

Collection Fees are the fees charged by Nomad Now to Freelancers for assistance in Freelancer revenue Collection and related services.

Commenced Orders are Orders that have reached their Start Date.

Commissions are recruitment placement fee amounts charged by Nomad Now to Clients for the purchase of Freelancer Services. Commissions also apply to permanent placements.

A Confirmed Order is the Transaction or agreement concluded between a Client and Freelancer for the provision of Freelancer Services to the Client.

Dashboards: the Freelancer Dashboard is on the Freelancer Home page and the Client Dashboard is on the Client Home Page. The Dashboard is the landing page and includes pages such as Profile, Search, Inbox, Calendar as well as Orders Completed, Star Rating, Response Time and Total Earnings/ Total Spend.

Feedback refers to Reviews and Ratings of and by Freelancers and Clients.

Freelancers and Independent Contractors are Freelancer or Independent Contractor users, registered on the Nomad Now Platform or App and who offer Professional Freelancer Services to Clients. The terms Freelancer and Independent Contractor are used loosely and interchangeably in the Platform.

Freelancer Profile Page is where the Freelancers can describe their Professional Services, prices, working preferences and related requirements, and where the Client may Order their Professional Services.

Freelancer Services are Professional Services offered by Freelancers and Independent Contractors on Nomad Now.

Inbox Order Correspondence enables Clients and Freelancers to clarify items and issues related to the Order before or during an Order.

Orders are ‘Open’ once ‘Accepted’ or ‘Concluded’ by Freelancer and Client. Orders ‘Commence’ on the Start Date i.e. when the Freelancer starts to deliver Services. Orders are ‘Complete’ once signed off as such by the Freelancer (i.e. they click Order Complete Request) and ‘Verified as Completed’ once signed off by the Client or automatically signed off by Nomad Now.

Instant Orders are Orders placed by Clients where the Freelancer has enabled the Client to place an Order for Freelancer Services without any negotiation required.

Nomad Now Order Reference number is a unique reference number assigned to each Order that appears in the column next to the status bar on the Inbox page.

Nomad Now User Protection Policy describes Nomad Now’s efforts to keep user information private and secure.

Open Order is an Order that has been Placed by a Client and Accepted by the Freelancer.

An Order in Nomad Now terminology means a Transaction related to or for Freelancer Services agreed to between Freelancer and Client. It represents an agreement between a Client and a Freelancer(s) to purchase Freelancer Services. Terms include:

  • Starting and Ending Date
  • Inclusion of Weekends and Holidays
  • Description of Services required
  • Payout option (bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), weekly or monthly)
  • Rate of pay (per hour)
  • Applicability of overtime
  • Location
  • Any additional Contract related to the Order and uploaded.

Professional Freelancer Services: Services offered on Nomad Now's Platform by Freelancers to Clients. For example, the offering of legal advisory, accounting, forensic investigating, business analysis or c++ development Services to a Client. The list of Freelancer Services is very broad, but all Services are specialist and professional services.

Ratings: Freelancers are awarded ratings (1 – 5 Nomad Now Stars) by Clients, on Completion of their Order, based on inputs from their Clients. Clients also earn ratings, based on Freelancer feedback on Orders.

Reviews: Clients and Freelancers provide Reviews by commenting on their overall Order experience.

Response Time: Average response time based on the last 30 days of your activity.

Revenues: This is the money Freelancers earn, paid by Clients, for completed Orders and will be nett of Nomad Now Collection charges when received by the Freelancer.

Search Filters: Nomad Now has multiple search filters which will ensure a more specific and accurate search. These filters can be found on the Search page of the Client Dashboard.

Transactions: Freelancers sell their professional Services to Clients in transactions or Orders.