About The Nomad Now Team

Nomad Now was founded by Ross Paton and Christel Bezou in 2016. The company is independent and its large reach includes Paton Personnel’s extensive networks. Paton Personnel has been providing Hirers with top talent for over 25 years. Our solution reflects simplicity, speed-to-transact, market-changing low costs and an ethos of transparency and community fairness.


Our users represent an exciting mix of diverse communities and cultures that form part of the excitement of Nomad Now.

We reflect and insist on a philosophy of fairness. This concept is a huge theme for us and the glue that creates trust, binds us together and enables us all to integrate smoothly, no matter where our users interact.

We will not tolerate any unfair discrimination, harassment, bullying, coercion or hurting the reputation of others.

Transactions between users are not just ‘deals’. They are experiences that have a high impact on both parties and forge what could be permanent relationships.

Our fees are slim and massively reduced compared to industry practice. Don't evade or avoid the platform fees.

For us to create a better environment for you to offer Flexi or Permanent Services, support the Nomad Now community. The on-demand workforce model, proven overseas on a massive scale, is a new and exciting phenomenon in South Africa. Let’s spread the word and make it work for all parties.


We encourage our Hirers to be transparent, accurate and fair in describing their companies and specific work requirements.

Perm workers as well as Independent Contractors, Consultants and Freelancers are urged to be honest and accurate in describing their Services and abilities and should not mislead Hirers about the nature, number or depth of their skills.

Do your best. Improve, learn and re-learn.

It's not just about ‘the deal’. Deliver, impress and build your contribution and reputation. "It's your business."TM


Don’t break your word. Be responsive. Aim to improve your ratings.

In the event of any dispute, approach the issue with an open mind – keep things simple.

You should not provide inaccurate information or mislead anyone about the type, nature or details of your previous or current experience or about your company and specific service requirements.

Don’t substitute one listing for another or set up fake or fraudulent listings, add misleading, inaccurate, unfair or fraudulent reviews.

Do not participate in deceptive pricing.

Do not cancel Orders after the permitted cancellation deadlines.  

Ensure that you do not have persistently low ratings.