Nomad Now is a market-shifting platform that facilitates the buying and selling of Professional Services directly between Freelancers and Clients as well as Permanent Placements. These Professional Freelancer Services can be provided for any defined period and purpose and are usually specialised services. Examples include:

Accounting Data Warehousing  Logistics  Psych Testing
Artificial Intelligence Distribution Marketing  Quant Analysis
Audit Economics Mechatronics Research 
Banking Advisory Engineering Medical Consulting Restructuring
BPR Equity Research  Network Engineering Risk
Budgeting Fiduciary Services New Bus Dev Robotics
Business Analysis Finance Non-Exec Directors Security
Business Architecture Financial Modelling Nursing Software Development
Capital Raising Forecasting Outsourcing Statistics
Change Management Forensics Pharma Strategy
Channel Dev Health Advisory PR & Communications Systems Analysis
Coaching HR Private Equity Tax Advisory
Collections I.T Pro bono Advice Test Analysis
Communications  Industrial Relations Process Engineering Trading
Company Sec Internships Process Engineers Training
Compliance  Investor Relations Product Management Treasury
Counselling Lab Analysis Production Wealth Management
Coverage Labour  Program Management Wellness Advisory
Credit Legal  Project Administration Project Management
Data Analysis Lobbying Project Finance …… and many more!

Clients appreciate that Nomad Now eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming intermediaries. Nomad Now saves Clients time & money. Regarding quality, Nomad Now insists on meaningful and accurate information from Candidates, Freelancers and Clients to optimise user interaction and minimise time-to-transact.

Clients use our highly effective and intuitive search functionality to pinpoint preferred Candidates & Freelancers and to contract their services directly. Our advanced search algorithms ensure that search results are relevant, personalised and unique for every Client.

Clients can create a search profile of their own ideal Freelancer per search by changing our applicable search criteria weightings. If 2 Clients choose to keep the default Admin provided weightings, they will have the same results but should 1 of the Clients choose to customise their search criteria weightings themselves (this is optional) we will apply the Client provided weightings to rank the search results. 

Nomad Now also accommodates Clients’ needs to secure Talent on a permanent basis.

Freelancers appreciate that Nomad Now is a strong supporter of them as ‘small businesses’. We bring our Clients to them, increasing Freelancer visibility to top companies and a broader potential customer base who have demand for Professional Freelancer Services. Freelancers set their own prices for their Professional Services.

Importantly, we also provide revenue collection assistance for Freelancers, which could improve their revenue collection times and reliability of payment.

What is the difference between a Freelancer and an Independent Contractor?

Note that throughout our platform we use the words ‘Freelancer’, 'Consultant' and ‘Independent Contractor’ interchangeably. As a user, please be aware that the words are at times used by this Platform and by users ‘loosely’ but a Client or Freelancer may intend to use the terms very specifically. See a widely used definition below:

  • A Freelancer is self-employed, possibly with a contract whereas a Contractor may or may not be self-employed, with employment that is usually defined by the terms of their contract.
  • Independent contractors can work like Freelancers, with multiple Clients on a per-project basis, but more generally they work with one company at a time (exclusively) for a longer and specified period and are often paid by the hour. They may be contracting themselves out, and thus reporting their own taxes or they may be on the Client’s payroll, with the Client deducting pay–as–you–earn taxes and levies where required.

Nomad Now is suitable for Freelancers, Consultants and Independent Contractors. For more information contact


Nomad Now is specifically aimed at the professional Freelancer, Consultant and Independent Contractor on-demand workforce. Freelancers, Consultants and Independent Contractors list their services on Nomad Now and Clients place Orders for such Services online.

Clients are presented with meaningful self-assessment summaries by Freelancers of their skills range and depth. Freelancers also provide details of their work experience, without the ‘fluff’ that contaminates many other skills websites and without ‘middlemen’ who always assure Clients that their applicants are ideal for the role! Clients get to choose.

Clients search, select and analyze Candidate & Freelancer Profiles and make approaches only to those most suited to Client roles and requirements.

Clients using Nomad Now often have a need for critical skills that are most often not available at short notice! 

Professional, independent Freelancers using Nomad Now want the flexibility, freedom and diversity that the short-to-medium-term provision of their services provides. They value our deep knowledge of recruitment and our access to a large and high-quality Client base built up over 21 years. Freelancers benefit from Nomad Now’s revenue collection assistance. You know that feeling when your Client never responds to repeated requests for payment of your Freelancer fees?

Nomad Now is not a jobs portal.

Applicable local law (case law and legislation) will determine whether you are an Independent Contractor or Freelancer that is deemed to be an employee of the Client or not, with the associated rights and obligations of employer and employee. Further, such relationship will determine whether the Client is obligated to deduct pay-as-you-earn taxes and other applicable levies.

Where Freelancers earn more than the statutory minimum (currently R 204 000 per annum) the applicable law is more lenient, but Freelancers can still be deemed employees if certain criteria are met.

Note that Nomad Now does not make any representations in this regard or intend to or provide any form of legal advice in this regard and takes no responsibility for any reliance on any other information provided in relation to employment and employment law.

By using Nomad Now, you are contracting directly with the Client. Nomad Now is merely the facilitating portal that enables Clients to view your Profile and transact with you. Nomad Now also assists with the collection of Freelancer revenues from Clients.

You are entering into a short-to-medium-term contract for the provision of Freelancer services on terms agreed upon between Freelancer and Client. Whether such arrangement is ‘employment’ will depend on the applicability of local Labour law. Nomad Now does not make any representations in this regard.

No, Nomad Now is a web-based platform that facilitates direct contact between Clients, Candidates and Freelancers in order for them to transact directly and between themselves, for the purchase of Freelancer services. We do not create any expectations of employment or non-employment between Clients and Freelancers. Freelancers and Clients accept this upfront by using Nomad Now. In addition, we provide essential assistance to Freelancers in collection of revenues from Clients as this has always been an area of discomfort and pain to Freelancers as in many cases they have little influence on Client payment timing and as ‘small businesses’ this can have serious financial consequences for them.

  • TIPS: see new ways of improving your Service offering
  • LOCAL NETWORK: connect with and chat to locals with whom you can discuss issues openly
  • SUPPORT FROM OTHER FREELANCERS AND CLIENTS: get advice and share your expertise

ALL DISCUSSION GROUPS: (pending in beta version)

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  • Open Forum

Get to know other Freelancers and share experiences and tips about Nomad Now-related topics. Use this forum to address more 'advanced' topics that you can brainstorm with other Freelancers. As always, remember to respect the Nomad Now Community Guidelines when you interact in these Groups.

New Freelancers Section
Use this forum to discuss topics that may be relevant when you are starting off as a Freelancer or thinking about becoming a Freelancer. You can also share your experiences as a new Freelancer. This is always insightful for others.

Nomad Now has experienced Freelancers in this community who will be happy to help you out with any tips, feedback and useful information that may assist you when starting off Freelancing. This can include advice about your Service Offering, Profile or helpful advice on what things you may expect or encounter as a Client.


To Order a Freelancer’s Services, simply go to the Search option on your Client Dashboard, search for a Freelancer's and click on the Place an Order button.

Yes. If you have excess funds with Nomad Now these will be automatically applied to your next Order, but only if your balance covers the entire Order amount.

If the Order you are placing is larger than the funds to your credit, you will be redirected to Sage Pay for a funding source (EFT etc.), and your funds credit will remain until you place an Order that is equal or smaller than your balance or until you have topped-up your account balance sufficiently to cover the intended Order.

Nomad Now invoices Clients for Freelancer Revenues on behalf of Freelancers (as part of our Collection Services assistance that we provide to Freelancers) for Freelancer Orders completed. Clients pay according to invoice to Nomad Now and Nomad Now transfers such revenues to Freelancers. You may not pay Freelancers using any method other than an Order and payment through the Nomad Now Order page/payment system. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it immediately.

Due to South African Reserve Bank rules, Nomad Now may only pay revenues to Freelancers via PayPal if such Freelancers are tax-domiciled outside of South Africa.

Freelancers cannot contact new Clients. The only way to communicate with a Client is through Order Correspondence once an Order Inquiry is initiated. A conversation thread will be created, and you will then be able to communicate with the Client. You may also then correspond with the Client via your Inbox if the Client establishes contact with you first.

Nomad Now does not allow spam or ‘hawking’ of services by Freelancers to Clients even with a previous track record of delivery for Clients, so we do monitor this and will intervene if Freelancers do not use this functionality appropriately.

Clients are invoiced by Nomad Now on behalf of Freelancers, immediately when an Order is confirmed. Payment terms applicable to Clients are a maximum of 30 days for monthly Freelancers and 7 days for weekly or hourly paid Freelancers.

Nomad Now collects Freelancer revenues from Clients on behalf of Freelancers and pays such revenues to Freelancers once received from the Client and when due to Freelancers, specifically on the next Wednesday following the completion of the payment intervals agreed between Freelancer and Client.


  • Monthly Freelancer revenues paid by Clients for monthly paid Freelancers and due to Freelancers will be transferred by Nomad Now to such Freelancers on the Wednesday following the applicable month-end.
  • Weekly Freelancer revenues paid by Clients for Freelancers to be paid weekly and due to Freelancers, will be transferred by Nomad Now to Freelancers on the Wednesday following the applicable week-end.

Note that the above payment timing assumes that the Client and Freelancer are not in a dispute over delivery of the Services and payments have been suspended by Nomad Now.

Note also that there can be timing exceptions due to SA banking system clearance periods.

Once the Order is Confirmed and has Commenced, Freelancers must fulfil their Orders as described in their Order description and during the fulfilment of their Order, must deliver any required files as required, using the Upload Files function on the Freelancer Media page.

Once an Order is Completed by the Freelancer, the Client has three days to respond and post Feedback (Review and Rating). If no feedback is provided by the Client within the response time, the Order will automatically be Completed by Nomad Now.

Client payment timing summary:




Signing up to Nomad Now is free. Only registered users may transact, ie: Purchase (Order) or Sell Freelancer Services on Nomad Now. After signing up, check your registration email for the activation link provided in a welcome email. If you do not use your activation link within 30 days, the link may not work. You can request a new link by signing in again.

To Create an Account:

  1. From the Nomad Now home page, click Register Now
  2. Choose if you want to register as a Freelancer or a Client
  3. Enter your name and surname
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your password
  6. Confirm your password.
  7. Within the email you receive from Nomad Now, click Activate your Account.
  8. After your account is active, you can transact on Nomad Now.
  9. You are now a registered user on Nomad Now, but you will need to activate your account. An email is sent to the email address you registered with.
  10. This activation link in the email will be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, when logged in to Nomad Now, you can click Resend and you will receive another email also active for 30 days.

Note: You can also join with Facebook, Google Connect, and LinkedIn.

To join Nomad Now with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn:

  1. From the Nomad Now home page, click Register Now.
  2. Click Sign Up with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Connect.
  3. To continue with the registration, Sign in to your account. You will see the information that Nomad Now uses with this connect feature.

A strong password:

  • Is at least six characters long;
  • Contains a mixture of letters, numerals and symbols;
  • Does not contain your username, real name, or company name;
  • Does not contain a complete word;
  • Is significantly different from previous passwords.

It is recommended that you change your password every three months.

To reset your password:

  1. Once logged in, click Profile > Settings.
  2. In the Password section, enter your new password, and confirm it.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Note: The stronger your password is, the better protected your Nomad Now account will be.