Fees And Pricing On Nomad Now

For Orders of all forms of flexi-talent (e.g.: Independent Contractors, Consultants & Freelancers), Nomad Now charges 7% (plus VAT) as a payment agent fee to both Hirer and Flexi worker. Example: If the Order (transaction) value agreed between Hirer and Flexi worker is R100 000-00, the Hirer and Flexi worker will be charged R 7 000-00 (plus VAT) as a payment agent fee, invoiced on the day of commencement of Order at the Hirer.

In instances of on-payroll flexi Orders, Nomad Now charges Hirers (only) a monthly recruitment agency fee of 10% of monthly Order value.

For permanent placements Nomad Now charges Hirers (only) a placement fee of 7% of the Permanent Placement ‘Order’ Value (i.e.: of the Candidate's annual total cost-to-company remuneration), plus VAT. Permanent placements are invoiced on date of commencement of employment.

Nomad Now charges and deducts a 7% (plus VAT) payment agent fee from Order revenues collected from the Hirer on behalf of Flexi workers, before transferring these revenues to such Flexi workers.

Although seldom applicable on a platform for professionals, for the record, Nomad Now does not support rates below legislated national minimums. Note that rates are agreed directly and exclusively between Hirers and Flexi workers.