How to Hire Professionals and freelancers


Nomad Now eliminates the need for recruitment agencies. Our comprehensive end-to-end online recruitment platform lets you recruit talent and hire professionals directly.

No exorbitant recruitment agency fees; no wasted time or resources. Introduce your talent acquisition processes to a new world of work.

Continue reading for step-by-step instructions on setting up your Nomad Now Hirer profile.

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How to Create a Profile to Start Hiring Flexi or Permanent Staff
  1. Register your basic information

    You will receive an e-mail to verify your account.

  2. Complete your hirer profile

    Include relevant details about your business and add necessary recruiter team members. This enables your internal resourcing teams to source talent fast at industry-disrupting low fees.

  3. Search for jobseekers or advertise your job for free

    Use our powerful relevance-based search tool for talent acquisition or quickly & simply place job ads for permanent or flexi/ freelance professionals. Our algorithms present you with the top candidates according to your criteria.

  4. Engage directly with top job-seeking professionals

    Make contact with your selected permanent or flexi jobseekers within Nomad Now’s closed network. Only those invited by you can contact you directly.

  5. Use our "Inquire" and "Order" feature to hire your ideal candidate

    Place inquiries with job seekers and engage with them directly. Once you’re satisfied that a professional’s services and skills fulfil your role requirements, click “Order Now”.

  6. Transact and pay on the platform

    Nomad Now will automatically send you an invoice payable on a monthly basis for flexi workers from the commencement of services, on behalf of the flexi workers.

    Permanent hires will be invoiced once-off at a fee of 7% of CTC plus VAT.

  7. Rate your flexi worker

    Upon completion of a flexi worker order, you will have an opportunity to rate the flexi worker’s services. Want to hire a worker permanently? Click on 'Flexi to Perm' to offer the flexi worker a full-time role.